4th Land Monthly Dolls

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Soom's Teenie Gem (which is comparable to Yo-SD and falls under the general Tiny category) sized monthly dolls. In Soom's storyline, they are the helpers of their 2nd Land counterparts. All were released in 2009. Each set of 4th Land MDs comes with different legs (mostly based on hooved creatures) and some come with two heads. All have special, limited outfits that include a cloak that is similar in design from set to set. Most have limited wigs, eyes, and outfits. All sets include two versions of the doll; in some cases the pair is gendered male and female; in others, the pair is non gendered but available in different resin colors.

The 4th Land extra parts and outfits were popular among Tiny BJD collectors. Many split orders were arranged because the parts and clothes could be used with other makers' dolls.