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About Angelesque

Angelesque is a BJD dealer in the UK, which has been in business since 2006. Over the years, they have been a dealer for many popular companies such as DollZone, Doll Chateau, and Doll-Leaves. Towards the end of 2019, Angelesque had announced that they would be closing the dealership, selling off their remaining supply of in-stock items, and stepping back from the BJD world. In early 2020, they made another announcement to say that they would simply be scaling back their dealership and number of companies represented instead of closing it down.

Angelesque was the primary UK dealer for a number of BJD companies for a long time. As such, they were often recommended for people living in the UK and in Europe. However, over the past several years, a large number of customer complaints have surfaced, along with customer reports of substandard and unresponsive business practices. The major categories of complaints and problems have been summarized below:

Customer Complaints

Over time, Angelesque has exhibited an unpredictable level of service quality. While many people have placed and received orders successfully, and many people have even given them rave reviews, a number of other customers were not that lucky. Many people have reported, communication problems, order errors, damaged items, and problems with refunds.

The negative reviews for and comments about Angelesque and its business practices have also indicated a tendency to take customers' money but keep it for some time before placing orders.


Angelesque has been reported to be incredibly quick to respond to emails and other contact messages when someone is asking a question before buying something.

However, communication problems have been reported after payments were submitted for orders. Many customers have made multiple attempts to reach the business, but received no response over weeks or even months of attempts. Angelesque does not appear to check their email frequently enough or thoroughly enough, repeatedly stating that they "did not see your email". They have been noted to be slightly faster and/or more consistent in responding via their Facebook or Instagram accounts, which can be considered helpful to know, but which does not help their customers who do not use those platforms.

Additionally, some customers reported not always receiving answers to the questions they were asking; some also reported getting a runaround when asking about orders that had gone beyond the original estimated timeframe without being completed.

Order errors

Angelesque has been reported to sometimes submit customer orders incorrectly to BJD companies and not always verifying that an order was correct before shipping it out to the customer. People have reported receiving incorrect items, items with incorrect details (such as resin color), or with certain items missing from the order. It has been reported that sometimes Angelesque did not even place an order with a company until a customer inquired as to the status of their order after some months later.

When these kinds of issues are reported, Angelesque generally offers to begin the process to get the correct items, but this often takes many more months, and they sometimes still get the order wrong, necessitating yet another wait. The blame for both incorrect items and extended waits has repeatedly been stated to be due to company non-communication or on extraordinarily long company production times.

Damaged items/Shipping issues

Angelesque has been reported to ship items unsafely packed on occasion, resulting in broken pieces or damaged faceups/blushing. This type of problem also often results in a replacement process, or refund process, most of which are reported to be left unresolved.


Some customers report that they have chosen to avoid trying to fix an incorrect or damaged order, and have asked for refund(s) instead. In some cases, asking for a refund was the last resort after repeatedly attempting to have the order fixed. Given the typical wait time for most BJD companies, filing Paypal claims is not applicable as most payments fall outside of Paypal's buyer protection services. Upon asking for refunds, many customers have reported communication delays or lack of responses, as well as either refunds for incorrect amounts, or no refunds at all.

On Den of Angels

Den of Angels members have used our site to ask questions over the years about others' experiences with Angelesque, and to share their own. Although a number of problem experiences were posted on DoA, Angelesque has rarely directly replied to any of the concerns expressed. They recently made it known that they do not intend to communicate with anyone via our publicly-visible, publicly-accountable forum, and instead have directed people to only communicate with them privately via their email or on their self-managed social media accounts.


Angelesque has exhibited a history to date of avoiding customers when there are problems - either not replying after numerous attempts at contacting them, or replying evasively when customers insist on receiving concrete information. They have been reported a number of times as even lying to customers about the status and/or details of problem situations and orders.

Taking all of this publicly, voluntarily reported negative information into account, the DoA mod team has decided it necessary to warn our community that Angelesque has a history of being an unreliable, irresponsible business and is deemed a very risky BJD dealer to purchase from. Hobbyists may wish to consider looking into shopping through other dealers before going to Angelesque.

Please see the Angelesque review thread, and problem threads for more information: