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BonBon and Coco (aka "Sleeping Elf's fat fairies") are full-figured tinies by The Sleeping Elf Ltd. They have a mature body and face and stand only 15cm tall. The bodies are identical, but the face sculpt is different. BonBon has a strong jawline, and dimples, and Coco's features are of African descent and an oval-shaped face. They are not limiteds.


Measurements for BonBon and Coco are identical.

Height: 15 cm
head: 10.5 cm
wig size: 4-5
eyes: 8 mm or 10mm
foot: 2.6cm
bust: 10.3 cm
waist: 9.5 cm
hip: 12.4 cm
inside leg: 4.7 cm
shoulder to wrist: 4.5 cm
neck: 4.5 cm
thigh: 7.3 cm
calf: 4.9 cm
inside arm: 4 cm
outside arm: 4.5 cm
back shoulder width to outside of arm: 4.4 cm
back shoulder width to inside of arm (armpit): 3 cm
back of neck to crotch: 6 cm
front shoulder width to outside of arm: 4.5 cm
front shoulder width to inside of arm (armpit): 2.8 cm
front of neck to crotch: 7 cm
front base of neck to waist: 3 cm


BonBon and Coco come in the following colors of urethane resin:

white - paper white
normal skin - pinkish without a lot of yellow
pink - pale sugary pink
light tan
dark tan
blue - baby powder blue

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