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The Sleeping Elf Ltd is a small doll company from the UK, formed by DOA user Carrie Attwood aka tinybear. Sleeping Elf specializes in fairy tinies (10cm-25cm) and wigs.


10-15cm dolls

Mina (tiny version)
Milo/Moona (boy/girl, same head sculpt)
Zack/Mina (boy/girl, same head sculpt)
Bracken/Brier Rose (same head sculpt, different bodies)
Thistledown (10 cm – human and elf versions)

Fat Fairies (14cm)

BonBon & Coco

25cm dolls

Mina (large version)
Moona (large version)
Fallow (same head as Coco, but on the 25cm body)


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