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Ciao Bella is a line of 26cm dolls produced by Bambicrony. They were the company's first line of dolls. Many elf Ciao Bella dolls have also been made as part of the BC Marchen line, both elf versions of human Ciao Bellas and original elf sculpts .



  • Kumi -re-released in May 2007 (new mould) with larger and more delicate ears
  • Roko -re-released in May 2007 (new mould) with larger and more delicate ears, slightly less round cheeks, slightly larger nose, slightly more open eyes
  • Cookie
  • Lotti released as a free head in Forest Elf event 2007
  • Vin
  • Gun
  • Sisley
  • Pepe -re-released in May 2007 (new mould) with larger and more delicate ears
  • Shy - released as an elf in December 2007 Christmas event
  • Kiera
  • Shlphia

Special Edition

  • Charity - special edition made to be a combination of Cookie and Ruko by Vila
  • Judy
  • Marion

Elf Versions

  • July 2007 Release Friends of the Forest (if purchasors spent more than $450 they received a free Elf Lotti head) (Pictures of heads with default faceup on Bambicrony site)
  • Elf Cookie
  • Elf Gun
  • Elf Sisley
  • November 2007
  • Elf Kumi
  • Elf Roko
  • Christmas Event 2007 (if purchasors spent more than $450 they received a free Elf Lullaby Lotti head)
  • Elf Vin
  • Elf Shy


  • Peach Puff (previously called normal skin)
  • Floral White (previously called white or snow skin) - This skin was re-named mid 2007, but also changed colour late 2007, so the floral white had an old colour (like normal skin in other companies) and the new colour was actually much paler in shade. Reference Photo for Colours
  • Tan (certain limiteds only)


  • Height: 26 cm
  • Chest: 12.5 cm
  • Waist: 11cm
  • Hips: 13.50cm
  • Eyes: 14 mm
  • Wig: 6 in


  • First normal body was released with a smooth chest
  • Second normal body had nipple bumps on chest
  • as at 2007: Sisley one piece torso, was only sold with Sisley body during that ordering period
  • as at 2007: Magnetic Bodies only available with elves. First Batch Elf Body had larger magnets and were set lower in the body.
  • 1st Anniversary Event: Sisley One Piece Torso again available as an option (May 2007)
  • Lots of CB owners report left leg is around 1mm longer than the right which means it doesn't sitting as well as the right leg in its hip cup. This makes the left leg a bit touchy/kicky. Most dolls have this quirk. In order to fix it: The solution is sand down the teeth just a tad or cut a groove into socket so the teeth can lock in.

Face Ups

  • Default Face up by in-house Bambicrony Artist was $35
  • Viya faceup $100 by special Face-Up Artist - Dolls with a Viya Face Up have Viya's signature and Date inside the head and a signed letter from Viya on how to care for there face up.


  • prior to November 2007
  • CBFW-01 - Ciao Bella Flame Wings
  • CBCW-01 - Ciao Bella Cloud Wings
  • November 2007 Elves Release
  • CBBW-01 - Ciao Bella Butterfly Wings - available in Blue, Red, Purple, Green, Smoke Black
  • Christmas 2007 Event Release
  • CBBW-02 - Ciao Bella Butterfly Wings


  • Cute Delf Cloths and Shoes Fit (pants a bit loose)
  • Loose and Stretchy Barbie, Pullip clothes are ok
  • Ginny clothing, Ken clothing, Bleeding Edge Goth clothing, the new Holly Hobbie clothing, Yo-SD clothing, Groovy Girls clothing, Patsyette 9inch clothing
  • Dollheart yo-sd clothing, Effanbee 11inch clothing, Boneka 10inch clothing, Way to Go Boyfriend Clothing, TY Girls Clothing, Living Dead Clothing
  • Franklin Mint Anastasia clothing, Anne Estelle 10 inch clothing, Bitty Bethany clothing needs to be taken in
  • Nine9style and Dorset Clothing both use Ciao Bellas as models for their clothes.


  • Bitty Bethany Shoes
  • Madame Alexander Doll Factory Shoes
  • 10inch Anne Estelle Shoes

Hints and Tips

  • Toe Rings can work as bracelets


  • Monique Wigs - 5-6 Non Stretchy are too small, 5-6 Stretchy fits snugly, Some 6-7s fit ok
  • Liebchen Wigs fit


  • 12mm glass too small, if wanting a more mature look try 12mm silicon
  • 14mm glass just right
  • 16mm in some cases can only see a sliver of white outside iris

Updates and Improvements

In 2008 the Ciao Bella body was switched to the new ver.2 body, which is slimmer and has a different style of hand sculpt. In late 2008, after requests from customers to bring back the old body, they allowed customers to choose between the ver.2 and the ver.1 (old) bodies. Some recent limited dolls have been sold on a ver.1-1 body, which was similar the ver.1 body with different hands, ankles, elbows, and knees. All new orders for the ver.1 body will come with the ver.1-1 body.

Currently the Ciao Bella standard line is not available to order, though it was stated that they will be back in 2010 with a "new look".