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The Minimee service offered custom head sculpting in groups of ten or more. The service was discontinued in 2012.

From dimdoll.com: 2011/02/08 Minimee service is closed

Dear Customers,

It's been for many years since I started minimee service for BJD collectors. We are sorry to announce that the minimee service is now closed and all the remaining minimee orders will need to be ended in March. The minimee team in China has become an independent and we finished this business relationship. As many of you know, how much time and effort I spent to do this service for more than 5 years but I am truely sad that I am not able to keep this service without the team in China as they want to keep this business on their own now. Perhaps in the future, I might come back with my own team which is being set up in Korea with Korean Sculptors. But it will take time. I am sure that there will be another BJD company will cooperate with the Chinese team again in near future. But I just want to tell myself all the effort to make the market, dealing with customers, this service is gone in vain. I can't do the service right now, but I hope I could back again with my own team.

Thank you


From dimdoll.com: 2011/02/09 New Minimee service information.

Dear Customers,

We've decided to launch new minimee service in Late March. New team will be organized in our office in Korea. All production will be made in Korea. [Price] Individual order will not be available. Only 10, 20 etc group orders will be available as set price. Detailed information will be announce in March. With many experience for customer service and highly dedicated Korean sculptors will be working in my office which will make communication and work smooth and faster.

Thank you.


From dimdoll.com: 2011-09-30 Minimee service is closed for this year & Notice of Delay Dear Customers,

I am so sorry to tell you that we now close the minimee service for this year. This is because the cost of making minimee in Korea is very high. And we have many minimee heads delayed currently. Although we try our best, the schedule is still being delayed more than 2 months. The main reason was the rain and also many customers request multiple modifications. We tried our best, but we can't afford this service in this situation. That's why we close the service this year and we are not sure if we can reopen it next year. To customers who are waiting for their minimee We apologize for the delay. We are working very hard to send your heads as soon as possible. We are very sorry again.

Best wishes,

Denny / DIM DOLL

Molds include:

Ai no Kusabi- Iason Mink

Alan Rickman

Alexander Skarsgård

Alice Nine- Shou

Alice Nine- Tora

Allison Harvard

Amy Lee

Andrew Smith

Angelina Jolie

Arimura Ryuutarou

Audrey Hepburn

Black Butler- Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji

Black Butler- Grell (Kuroshitsuji)

Billy Piper

Buck-Tick- Sakurai Atsushi

Castlevania- Alucard

Dark Crystal- Jen

Dark Crystal- Kira

David Bowie

David Tennant

DBSK- Jaejoong

DBSK- Xiah Junsu

Dean Winchester

D'espairs Ray- Hizumi

D'espairs Ray- Karyu

D'espairs Ray- Tsukasa

D'espairs Ray- Zero

Dir en grey- Die

Dir en grey- Kaoru

Dir en grey- Kyo

Dir en grey- Shinya

Dir en grey- Toshiya

Final Fantasy- Cloud Strife

Final Fantasy- Genesis

Final Fantasy- Reno

Final Fantasy- Sephiroth

Final Fantasy- Vincent Valentine

Final Fantasy- Zack Fair


Gacktjob- You Kurosaki

Gacktjob- Chachamaru

Gary Oldman

Gravitation- Uesugi, Eiri

Helena Bonham Carter


Jackson Rathbone

James Marsters

Jang Keun-Suk

Jenson Ackles

Jeremy Brett

Johnny Depp


KAT-KUN/JE - Kazuya Kamenashi

Keanu Reeves

Kingdom Hearts II- Axel

Lacrimosa- Tilo Wolff

Lee Jun Ki

Leonard Nimoy

lynch- Hazuki


Mansai Nomura

Merry- Tetsu

Michael Praed

Misha Collins


Mötley Crüe- Nikki Sixx

Mucc- Tatsurou

Naruto- Kakashi Hatake

Nathan Fillion

Nightmare- Hitsugi

Nightmare- Sakito

Orlando Bloom

Robert Pattinson

Ryuhei Matsuda

Sam Winchester

Sam Worthington


Takeshi Kaneshiro

The GazettE- Aoi

The GazettE- Kai

The GazettE- Reita

The Gazette- Ruki

The Gazette- Uruha

Tom Baker

Tom Cruise - Lestat de Lioncourt

Tom Hiddleston

X-Japan- hide

X-Japan- Yoshiki

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