Dollzone 1/4 Doll

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Dollzone has a good offering of 1/4 sized dolls that range in sizes of 44cm to 45 cm for the female dolls and 45 cm for the male dolls.




Heads only

Doll Zone 2013 Summer Event limited heads


B45-001 B45-002 B45-003 B45-004 B45-005 B45-008 B45-009 B45-010 B45-011
Boy Girl Boy Girl Girl Girl Boy Girl Girl Boy
Height (including head): 45cm 44cm 45cm 44cm 45cm 42-44cm 45cm 45-46cm 42cm 44cm
Height (without head): 37cm 39cm
Head size: 19cm 18.5cm 18.5cm 18.5cm 17.8cm 18.5cm 18.6cm 17.5cm 17cm
Eye size: 14-16mm 14mm 14mm 12mm
Neck size: 7cm 7cm 7cm 6.6cm 6.5cm 6.5cm 7.3cm 6.6cm 6cm 6.5cm
Shoulder width: 9cm 9cm 8.5cm 9cm 6.5cm 8cm 7cm 7cm 7.5cm
Chest size: 18cm 17cm 17cm 17.5cm 15.9cm 17.5cm 15.9cm 17cm 17cm
Back length: 10.5cm 10.5cm 10cm 9cm
Waist size: 14.5cm 14cm 12.5cm 13cm 13.5cm 15.3cm 13.3cm 13cm 15cm
Hip size: 19cm 18cm 17cm 16.5cm 21cm 21.6cm 20.7cm 20cm 20cm
Arm length: 13cm 13cm 12.5cm 12cm 13.5cm 13cm 13.5cm 12cm 13cm
Leg length: 22.5cm 22.5cm 22cm 21.5cm 22.3cm 24cm 22.3cm 21cm 22.5cm
Thigh size: 11cm 11cm 10.5cm 10cm 11.8cm 11.5cm 11.3cm 11.8cm
Ankle size: 6.5cm 6.5cm 6cm 6cm
Foot length: 5.5cm 5.5cm 5.3cm 5cm 5.3cm 6cm 5.6cm 5cm 5.5cm
Foot width: 2.4cm 2cm 2cm 1.7cm 2cm