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BBdolls are tinies sold by Dollzone. BB26 were first introduced in early 2007. In November 2010, there were two new BB16 dolls, a boy and a girl, sized 16cm released.

BBdolls come in three types: BB26 girls and boys, BB16 (or miniBB) boys and girls, and Petdolls (anthro). The BB26 are sized at 25cm to 26.5cm. The BB16 and Petdolls are sized at 16cm. BB26 and BB16 heads, bodies, and optional hands are available separately. As other Dollzone's dolls, they are available in white, normal pink, normal yellow and tan colors.

In addition to the basic dolls, there are LE dolls released during Dollzone's events. These dolls vary in size.


BB26 dolls

Girl dolls

Discontinued as of April 2014

Boy dolls

Discontinued as of April 2014

Twin Sets

These dolls are listed above in the perspective genders, but as they were offered as sets and singles they will also be listed as the sets.

BB16 dolls

BB10 dolls

  • Teng - released in May, 2014
  • Yu - released in May, 2014


Others / Event's dolls

  • Baby Raphael (Spring 2013 LE)
  • HanHan (Summer 2012 LE)
  • GuoGuo (Summer 2012 LE)
  • MuMu (Summer 2012 LE) OT on DoA
  • YaYa (Summer 2012 LE) OT on DoA
  • Deer Boy (Summer 2011 LE)
  • Deer Girl (Summer 2011 LE)
  • DongDong (Dollzone Anniversary LE 2011)
  • Dragon Boy (Summer 2010 LE)
  • Dragon Girl (Summer 2010 LE)
  • Fairy (Winter 2010 LE)
  • Kuilan (Winter 2011 LE)
  • Lankut (Winter 2011 LE)
  • Momo (Winter 2010 LE)
  • Nono (Winter 2010 LE)
  • Christmas babies (Winter 2009 LE) OT on DoA
  • Gugu (Dollzone Anniversary LE 2011) OT on DoA
  • Lulu (Dollzone Anniversary LE 2011) OT on DoA


BB26 boy v2 BB26 boy v1 BB26 girl v2 BB26 girl v1 BB16 (miniBB) Petdolls BB10 Momo & Nono
Height (including head): 26.5cm 26cm 26.5cm 25cm 16cm 16cm 11.5cm 11cm
Height (without head): 7.8cm
Head size: 16.5cm 16.5cm 16.5cm 16.5cm 14cm 13cm 13cm 10cm
Eye size: 14-16mm 14-16mm 14-16mm 14-16mm 14mm 14mm 10mm 8mm
Neck size: 6cm 6.5cm 6cm 6.5cm 4.3cm 5cm 3cm
Shoulder width: 6cm 7cm 6cm 6.5cm 3cm 5cm 2.2cm
Chest size: 13.5cm 14.5cm 13.5cm 14.5cm 9cm 5.5cm
Back length: 6cm 5.5cm 3cm
Waist size: 12cm 13cm 12cm 13cm 8.5cm 10.5cm 6.5cm 5.5cm
Hip size: 14cm 14.5cm 14cm 14.5cm 10cm 7.5cm
Arm length: 7.5cm 7.5cm 7.5cm 7.5cm 4cm 2.6cm 2.7cm
Leg length: 10.5cm 10.5cm 10.5cm 10cm 6.3cm 5.5cm 3.5cm 3.3cm
Thigh size: 8.5cm 8.5cm 8.5cm 8.5cm 5.8cm 4.3cm
Ankle size: 5cm 5cm 5cm 5cm 3.5cm
Foot length: 3cm 3cm 3cm 3cm 2.5cm 2.5cm 1.4cm 0.9cm
Foot width: 1.9cm 1.9cm 1.9cm 1.9cm 0.8cm

New BB bodies:

Young girl body
Young girl body
Young girl body
Young boy body
No wings Wings
Height (including head): 29cm 29cm 27cm 27cm
Height (without head): 23.5cm 23.5cm
Head size: 16.5cm 16.5cm 15.3cm 15.3cm
Eye size: 14mm 14mm 16mm 16mm
Neck size: 4.8cm 4.8cm 4.4cm 4.4cm
Shoulder width: 5cm 5cm 4.1cm 4.5cm
Chest size: 12.6cm 12.6cm 10cm 10cm
Waist size: 11cm 11cm 9.8cm 10cm
Hip size: 16cm 16cm 14.1cm 13.5cm
Arm length: 9.3cm 9.3cm 9.5cm 9.5cm
Leg length: 12.5cm 12.5cm 12cm 12cm
Thigh size: 9cm 9cm 7.3cm 7.3cm
Foot length: 3.2cm 3.2cm 3.5cm 3.5cm
Foot width: 1.5cm 1.5cm 1.4cm 1.4cm

Comparison photos:

BB16, Doll Leaves, and Lati Yellow comparison by TeamTwo
BB26 and LittleFee by sweetiemom
BB26 and YoSD feet by sweetiemom

Clothes, shoes, wigs information


Wig: 6”
Clothes: YoSD, Delf Cutie, outfits made for Robert Tonner’s 11" Ann Estelle/Mary Engelbreit dolls, Barbie Ken T-shirts and shorts, 10" porcelain dolls
Shoes: Leeke, YoSD, Bambicrony, Leather Bleuette shoes, Dollheart Yo-SD sized shoes, Holly Hobby shoes, 10" ANN ESTELLE shoes, LittleFee boots (with socks)

Young girl/boy body

Wig: 5/6"
Clothes: Regular and slim YoSd. Barbie tops, loose dresses.
Shoes: Blythe size shoes


Wig: 5-6"
Clothes: Lati Yellow
Shoes: Lati Yellow size, Ruby Red Galleria


Clothes: Lati Yellow, Vogue Ginny, some Barbie outfits, some Bratz, Barbie Kelly, and Madame Alexander Wendy stuff

Momo & Nono

Wig: 3-4"
Clothes: Lati White, PukiPuki, Barbie Kelly (now known as Chelsea)/Tommy clothes)


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