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DragonDoll is a Chinese ball-jointed doll company, established in Shenzhen in 2007, who produce dolls inspired by ancient Chinese culture and aesthetics. Their dolls have a unique style, heavily stylised and based on traditional Chinese art. They are also famous for the heavy musculature of their male 1/3 Uncle body.

Their website expresses their philosophy: "DragonDoll was established in 2007 by three gifted sculptors who were graduated from famous art university and very expert in mechanism design.Chinese profound ancient history and culture influenced the three young men so much and they dreamed to ensoul those historic characters to the whole world. That’s the origin of DragonDoll expressing the bravery of ancient heroes and spirit of the beauties."

Dolls can be purchased blank, or as fullsets with wigs, clothing and shoes. DragonDoll offer piercing as a service. They also sell wigs and shoes separately.

Resin colors

DragonDoll offer dolls in white, pink normal, yellow normal, and (at a small extra charge) brown/tanned.



  • DragonDoll Official website - unvailable Dec. 4 2018

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