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Isis is a doll from Dream of Doll's Dream of Teen line. She was released about in mid 2009 as part of a grouping that was released with a similar promo story. Her direct counter part sculpt is Calla.


Body measurements are on the Dream of Teen page

Isis comes with:

  • Eyes: 16mm half-round acrylic (random pick for colors)
  • Wig: A short cut orange wig
  • Extra hands (fists)


  • Faceup
  • Manicure
  • Tattoo
  • Outfit


It is rumored that the sculpt of Isis may be a modified version of the Delphine sculpt, namely the eyes opened up, the fangs removed and the ears made normal. Whether or not there is any truth to this not known, but it is a company's right to reuse and alter their own sculpts.

Promo Story



She has a dream again...

Her Father loved her more than anyone

So, she miss her Father so much...

She was only child of large corporation

and she gotten good education from

world's leading scholars.

With her fathers death and misfortunes culminated in bankruptcy

she got out into the world.

She was Assailed with doubts

and she decided to enter HM the police for solve the suspicion.

She can handle most advanced weapons and IT technology easily...

She is the Dark team strategist.