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Iplehouse released Douglas as a Special Edition for their Opera theme which they started in 2012. His character is similar to the Phantom of the Opera and he is an EID male.


  • Douglas - Special Edition was available for order from September 5th until October 2nd 2012.
  • Douglas became available as a basic version and is also available for order in the Custom Doll System.

Douglas - Special Edition


  • EID male body (model, super hero)
  • Douglas head
  • Eyes (12mm acrylic)
  • Basic hand parts
  • Basic flat feet
  • Default box
  • Extra tension string, S-type hook and extra magnet
  • Assembly Manual & Certificate of Authenticity


  • Faceup (type A, type B, type C)
  • Skin color: (normal, peach gold, special real, light brown)
  • Thigh part (general type, mobility type)
  • Scar Head (scar head makeup)
  • Mask
  • Outfit: tailcoat, shirts, vest, tie, brooch, cape, pants
  • Wig: L035 (#9 Sepia)
  • Shoes: L004 (#1B Black)

Scar make up will only be provided to customers who has selected scar head option.

Douglas Basic Version


  • EID male body (model, super hero)
  • Eyes: 12mm acrylic eyes (colors provided randomly)
  • Default box
  • Extra tension string, magnet and S-type ring
  • Certificate of Authenticity


  • Faceup (A type, B type)
  • Skin color (white, normal, peach gold, special real)
  • Thigh type (general type, mobility type)

Story Line

"With elegant appearance and superior talent, Douglas was a famous celebrity.
Unfortunate accident left a scar in Douglas's face and Douglas devoted himself to his work.
Devoted several years on his work.
One night, Douglas showed upon his #5 box seat of the Opera house to his muse."