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Iplehouse released Rebecca as a Special Edition doll for their Special Force IP theme which started in 2013. She is an EID female.


  • Rebecca - Special Edition was available for order from Sep 25th until Oct 24th 2013.

Rebecca - Special Edition


  • EID female body (choice of bust size and thigh)
  • Rebecca head
  • Eyes (12mm acrylic)
  • Basic hand parts
  • Basic flat feet
  • High heel feet
  • Default box
  • Extra tension string, S-type hook and extra magnet
  • Assembly Manual & Certificate of Authenticity


  • Skin color (normal, peach, special real, light brown)
  • Bust size (large, medium)
  • Thigh (general, mobility)
  • Faceup (type A, type B)
  • Revolver (brushing, no brushing)
  • Shotgun (brushing, no brushing)
  • Outfit: cargo pants, sleeveless T-shirt, sports bra, gun holder, bandolier, mark band, band, hip sack, gloves, bandana
  • Shoes


  • Clothes can be worn by all size busts.
  • Bullets seen in promo pics must be ordered separately from accessory section

Story Line

  • Name : REBECCA
  • Date of Birth : December 1985
  • Military serial number : 20130925
  • Affiliation : NAVY SEAL
  • Height : 174cm
  • Weight : 58kg
  • Specialty : Tactical strategies and tactics
  • Remark : Judo, karate
  • Platoon leader of NAVY SEAL, commanding officer specialized in military strategies and tatics.
  • Also well known as a drill instructor of US marine.
  • Assigned to I.P Security Agency from NAVY SEAL