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Esthy (now renamed Distant Memory) is an artist who has released two sculpts, Peroth and Rad. Both are male sculpts which are 1/3 or SD sized. Her sculpts have a distinct shape nose and the original Peroth has rather sharp features which are different from the rerelease version (rereleased by Nobility Doll). Some believe the rerelease Peroth to be sufficiently different from the original release, despite using the same name. Nonetheless, the rereleased version of Peroth retains a family resemblance to the original release as well as the Rad sculpt.

Doll sculpts

  • Peroth
  • Rad
  • Peroth (rereleased by Nobility Doll)

Resin color

The original Peroth was released in Normal Skin and White skin, similar to those of Volks.