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The MiniFée line of dolls is Fairyland's line of slim 40 cm dolls with mostly mature bodies. Sculpted by Cerberus Project and originally offered through LUTS; MiniFée were released for sale at Fairyland's site in January 2008. All full dolls come with the options of a sleeping head and face up for each head. They are made of opaque urethane resin in Natural or Beautiful White.
Luts offered Tanning versions of their B-line body of El, Lishe, Chiwoo, and Soo, then later a very limited version of Shiwoo called "Siwoo".
A lighter Tan was made available for the first time by Fairyland for most of their A-line and M-line MiniFée, excluding Ruth, Marcia, Seorin, Carl, and Eliya from June through to August 2013.
From December 2013 to January 2014 MiniFée Rin and Tika were also made available in Tan skin.
A second release of Tan was made available by Fairyland from late October to mid-November 2014. With this release all Minifee sculpts were available in Tan.
Fairyland has since followed the trend of only releasing Minifee in tan during select events.
In late April of 2016 Fairyland released a limited fullset for the Minifee Rohan sculpt that featured a darker tan called Agra Tan. This tan was only available in the fullset for Rohan and not available for any other sculpts. The fullset was limited to 68 sets.
In December 2014 Fairyland announced a temporary discontinuation of several older sculpts. Soo, Chiwoo, Lishe, El, Ari, Shiwoo, Shushu, Ruth, Marcia, Carl and Soo Dark Elf are originally scheduled to return in the fall of 2015 after their molds are repaired or replaced.
In April 2016 Lishe, El, Shushu, Marcia and Soo Dark Elf returned. When questioned about the remaining older sculpts Fairyland customer service stated that their return would likely not occur as demand for the sculpts did not seem to warrant the work involved in restoring the molds.





Body types

Fairyland offers three body types for MiniFée, the Active Line (A-line), the Beautiful Line (B-Line), and the Moe Line (M-Line). The A-Line, B-Line and M-line types are available through their a la carte system, which allows for complete customization of gender, skin tone, head sculpt, and hands. Except for the event head sculpts, all head sculpts are available through the a la carte system, including the sculpts that belong to the limited full set dolls. Two head sculpts - Soo Dark Elf and Carl - can only be obtained through the a la carte system.

Beautiful line

The Beautiful Line type is a single-jointed body. It has a one-piece torso, single-jointed knees and elbows, and hands that have to be strung to the body. The male body has a smooth, undefined torso. The female body comes with either a large bust or small bust option.

Active line

The active line body has double-jointed knees and elbows as well as magnetic hands that can be changed easily. It also has an added joint in the upper-torso that allows for more natural poses. In the a la carte system, the male body has a choice between the normal or muscle body. The female body has a choice between the large, small, and cutie bust sizes, as well as cutie or model legs. Cutie legs are curvier and a little longer than the model legs.
A known issue with the cutie legs is that one leg is slightly longer than the other, causing some posing difficulties.

As of September 2016 Fairyland discontinued their original Active Line series and released a new "Renewal" Active Line.
This new line features very similar engineering, however some improvements and changes were made.
The waist was made thinner, and the cutie legs lengths were corrected so that both are now the same length.
An additional bust option was also added for the Full Bust, originally from the Moe Line.

Moe line

The Moe Line body has double-jointed knees and elbows as well as magnetic hands and magnetic feet. Unlike the A-Line body the Moe line has no separate hip joint connecting the legs and torso allowing for sculpted hip bones. The female body includes two bust sizes specifically for the body (Full and Glamour) which are reputedly compatible with the A-Line body and vice-versa. The male body is small and lean, and has a smoother, less defined body than the A-line male options. The M-Line also has a height difference of 3 cm from the A-Line and a smaller foot size.


Body type A-Line Male A-Line Female B-Line Male B-Line Female M-Line Male M-Line Female
Height (cm/inch) 42.0/16.5 41.0/16.1 42.0/16.5 41.0/16.1 41.5/16.3 38.0/15.0
Weight (g/lbs) 530/1.2 420/0.9 550/1.2 440/1.0 Unknown 390/0.85
Head circumference (cm/inch) 18.5/7.3 18.5/7.3 19.0/7.5 19.0/7.0 18.5/7.3 18.5/7.3
Neck circumference (cm/inch) 7.0/2.7 7.0/2.8 7.5/3.0 7.5/3.0 6.8/2.7 6.5/2.5
Shoulder width (cm/inch) 9.0/3.5 8.0/3.1 9.0/3.5 8.5/3.3 8.0/3.1 8.0/3.1
Shoulder to wrist (cm/inch) 12.5/4.9 12.0/4.7 12.5/5.0 12.0/4.7 12.0/4.7 12.0/4.7
Elbow to wrist (cm/inch) 5.5/2.1 5.5/2.2 5.5/2.2 5.5/2.2 5.5/2.2 5.5/2.2
Length of back (cm/inch) 8.0/3.1 8.0/3.1 8.0/3.0 8.0/3.0 8.5/3.3 8.0/3.1
Chest circumference (cm/inch) 17.0/6.7 16.5/6.5 (Large)
15.5/6.1 (Small)
14.5/5.6 (Cutie)
17.0/6.7 17.0/6.6 (Large) 15.3/6.0 17.0/6.7 (Full)
16.0/6.3 (Glamour)
Waist circumference (cm/inch) 14.0/5.5 12.0/4.7 15.0/5.9 12.5/4.9 13.5/5.3 12.0/4.7
Hip circumference (cm/inch) 18.5/7.3 19.0/7.5 19.0/7.5 19.5/7.6 18.0/7.1 18.5/7.3
Hip to knee (cm/inch) 12.5/4.9 11.5/4.5 12.5/5.0 11.5/4.5 11.5/4.5 10.5/4.1
Knee to ankle (cm/inch) 10.0/3.9 9.5/3.7 10.0/4.0 9.3/3.6 10.0/3.9 8.5/3.3
Ankle circumference (cm/inch) 5.0/1.9 5.0/1.9 4.0/1.6 4.0/1.6 5.5/2.2 5.5/2.2
Feet size (cm/inch) 5.5/2.1 5.5/2.1 5.5/2.2 5.5/2.2 5.0/1.97 4.5/1.18

Elastic specifications from Fairyland: MiniFee 2 cords: Body 90cm with differences of ~5cm, arm 40cm with differences of ~4cm. Fairyland notes: 'If you were to purchase your own elastic cords, you will be required to adjust small differences. Please use the following numbers only as your reference point and the tension will be affected even by how you tie the knots. We try to make the end knots around 0.5cm. The smaller the doll is, smaller the end knot should be.'

Clothes, shoes, accessories

This is a list of non-Fairyland companies that make clothes, shoes, and accessories that fit Minifee. For a specific list of shoes that fit MNFs, read the "Minifee Shoe Database".

For boys

For girls

Clothes & accessories made for other non-BJD dolls

Note: Due to the different doll types and proportions, not everything listed here is exactly perfect in all series of clothing these dolls come in. It is a hit or miss, so take it with a grain of salt!


  • Ellowyne Wilde (Vinyl/Resin)
  • Evangeline Ghastly (Vinyl/Resin)
  • BFC Ink.


Photo references can be viewed here. Links redirect to stores you can purchase them from. Heeled means the shoes fit on the MNF high heel feet, and Flat means it fits on the MNF regular flat feet.

Accessories (ie: bags, belts, props that are in scale with MNFs)


  • The MNF FAQ, an excellent resource complied by mendokusai and keishi-chan
  • Past Events, a list of links to Fairyland's past events up to New Years 2014 event, as well as further FL wiki pages.