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HaruCasting is primarily a casting service for artists to get their sculpts cast in resin. They also have several original sculpts which are available during select order periods. HC is unique in that they offer over twenty different resin shades for their dolls.

How to Order

At this point in time, you will have to wait for Haru make an announcement post on his social media pages (usually Flickr and Instagram) saying preorders are open. He’ll usually have an order form posted in the announcement that you can fill out and copy/paste in your email to him.

For specific information on the doll(s) you wish to purchase (like prices, resin colors, etc), you will need to check on the HaruCasting website and click on the link to the specific sculpt you want to buy.

Once you have your order form filled out, you just email it to Haru and wait for a response to let you know what you total is with shipping. Currently, Haru does not send out invoices, so you will have to send the payment yourself through Paypal.

Doll Lines

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