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El Elf is an SD sized male doll sculpted by Cerberus Project. He was sold at LUTS as part of the Delf line.

El Elf was a limited doll released twice.

Sculpt Variations

El Elf – (Type 1, Type 2/3)

El Elf Dreaming Vampire – (Type 1)

– Note: Type 1 heads are connected using a standard S-hook. Type 2, Type 3, and Feeple60 heads all share the same twist-lock neck mechanism.


  • Delf El Elf (LUTS141) – LE 68 – July 15, 2004
  • Delf El Elf Christmas version (LUTS_267) – edition size unknown – December 23, 2006

Other Information

El-Elf (ver. 1) was a limited edition of 68. He also came with a second head (a dreaming vampire), as well as a second pair of hands and a wig. In addition to the standard Delf paperwork, he also had a silver foil certificate of authenticity that showed a picture of El Elf. Each was printed with the dolls edition number.

El-Elf (ver. 2) did not come with a second head, extra hands or a wig.

Both versions were offered in normal skin and beauty white skin.

Mold Specific Measurements

Circumference of head: 9-10"

Eye size: 18mm

Other Sizes



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