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LittleFee is Fairyland's 25 cm line of dolls. First dolls, Ante, Piki, Pipi, were released in November, 2008. [1] More dolls, Shiwoo, Flora and big Pukisha, were added in December, 2008. [2]
Instead of a typical headcap system, the doll has a faceplate system. LittleFee hands and feet can easily be changed because of magnets in the wrist joints, hands, ankles and feet. Before early 2010, it was not possible to acquire other hand shapes at individual prices; currently though there are at least 7 variations of hands for LittleFee. LittleFees have two other sets of magnets in the back and in the head, so that optional parts like wings and horns can be added. LittleFee dolls also have a unique jointing system that allows them to hold a variety of poses.

They come in two colors, Beautiful White and Natural. On May 31st 2013 they released a tan version, which can be ordered during special ordering periods (usually coincided with a new dolls release).


A few of the LittleFee sculpts are based on larger sculpts that Fairyland offers, such as: Chiwoo, El, Lishe, Shiwoo, Dark Elf Soo and Chloe.

Basic and full packages


Optional parts

  • LittleFee Hands No. 1-7
  • LittleFee White Wings
  • LittleFee Arctic fox Set (ears+hands+feet)
  • LittleFee Silver Axe

Other lines

Fairyland Chic line currently has interchangeable heads that fit Littlefees that are called their L-Line heads. L-Line heads:

  • Cat Sleeping faceplate (Event only)
  • Breakaway Faceplate (Event only)
  • Ruru Faceplate (Event only)

Body types

There are male and female versions of this doll, but the only difference is the pelvis. A few sculpts are gender specific when purchasing.


(From the Fairyland Measurements page)

Height 25cm 9.84"
Weight 210g .46lbs
Head circumference 16.7cm 6.57"
Neck circumference 6cm 2.36"
Shoulder width 7cm 2.75"
Shoulder to wrist 7.8cm 3.07"
Elbow to wrist 3.5cm 1.38"
Length of back 6.5cm 2.56"
Chest circumference 13cm 5.12"
Waist circumference 11.8cm 4.65"
Hip circumference 14.5cm 5.71"
Hip to knee 6.5cm 2.56"
Knee to ankle 4.7cm 1.85"
Ankle circumference 5cm 1.97"
Feet 3.8cm 1.5"
Eye size 14mm (default) --

Elastic specifications from Fairyland: LittleFee 3 cords: Body 25cm with differences of ~3cm, arm 25cm with differences of ~3cm, leg 28cm with differences of ~3cm. 'If you were to purchase your own elastic cords, you will be required to adjust small differences. Please use the following numbers only as your reference point and the tension will be affected even by how you tie the knots. We try to make the end knots around 0.5cm. The smaller the doll is, smaller the end knot should be.'

Shopping for LittleFee

Most 6/7 (YoSD size) wigs will fit Littlefees, some 5-6" wigs (Bambicrony wigs for example) may fit as well: Head size comparison (LTF, YoSD).
Companies that offer a wide selection of 6/7 wigs

Wig caps:

Littlefees come with a random pair of 14mm eyes; 12~16mm may fit.


Clothing: In general Yo-sd clothing and Bambicrony (Ciao Bella) clothing will fit.

  • Use keywords such as Littlefee, Yo-sd, Bambicrony to look for Clothing on Ebay.com and Etsy.com

Commercially available clothing:

Etsy shops:

Wings, horns, tails etc.


Crochet & Knitting patterns:

Sewing patterns: Look for Yo-sd patterns.

Accessories & Toys:

Hybrid compatibility and Comparison photos



LittleFee resin is a light darker and more peach in comparison to Volks.

Reference photos


All are default faceups except for two (noted).

Left to right, top to bottom (ie by row): http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4045/4640381518_7a28c6ab76.jpg

- Piki, Flora, Shiwoo, Shiwoo elf (event faceplate)

- Piki sleeping, Flora sleeping, Shiwoo sleeping, Pukisha (Nai faceup)

- Rachel, Bisou, Leah, Arctic Fox (event faceplate)

- Rachel sleeping, Bisou sleeping, Leah sleeping, Winking Ante (Nai faceup on an event faceplate)



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