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* [[Limhwa_To_You_Sara|Sara]]
* [[Limhwa_To_You_Sara|Sara]]
* Mari
* Mari

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Limhwa / EOSDoll is a Korean ball jointed doll company. It is a one woman operation run by artist Jung Ji Youn, who sculpts all the dolls herself.

This results in a signature characteristic look to all Limhwa dolls. In order to keep her workload manageable, her dolls are only available during limited pre-order periods. After the ordering period is over, she casts all the dolls and does faceups on dolls that were ordered with one. This process usually takes two to three months. Once all the dolls are sent out, she opens a new pre-order period and the cycle begins again.

Limhwa sculpts:


  • Half Elf
  • Dreaming Half Elf
  • Human
  • Luna
  • Elly


27cm mature


  • Mi
  • Do
  • Le

EOSDoll sculpts


  • EOS Girl
  • Nina
  • Iris
  • Tol


  • Lily


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