Migidoll Fairy Jina

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Migidoll Fairy Jina

Fairy Jina is the half-closed-eyed version of the Jina sculpt, and was released on January 2013 for a limited period one-time sale [1]. In addition to the modified eye opening, Fairy Jina also has pointy ears. He is the first LE modified sculpt released in 2013, and can be purchased either blank or with faceup.

Fairy Jina is a 1/3 (similar to Volks SD) sized male doll sculpted by Migidoll and can be bought as either a full doll or a head. He belongs to the M style line and is available in Normal skin and White skin (available in Lati matching Type A and Volks Matching Type B for both skintones).

Eye and wig size

  • Eye Size: 14-16mm
  • Wig Size: 8-9inch

Other information

For newer Migidolls, they come with guarantee cards as well as a identifying number (or serial number). This number is written on the guarantee card, as well as on a long thin strip of sticker pasted inside the head.


Fairy Jina on Migidoll website