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Mudoll is the international shop for the Korean retailer GLIB. They also offer different kinds of OEM service for manufactured goods or product prototyping.

Doll lines

GLIB Original

  • GLIB 61cm Boy Doll
  • Apple dolls, which have an urethane resin head and use 1/6 Obitsu vinyl bodies, so they are off-topic for Den of Angels


  • Brownies, 1/12 tinies formerly produced by FelixDoll are now produced by Mudoll/GLIB.


  • Dotories are 1/6 BJDs released on 1 June, 2012.


Mudoll distributes GLIB's products, which include:

  • Wigs for heads sized between 3"-4" and 9.5"-10.5". They also sell 3"-4" wigs with a metal plate for Brownie dolls.
  • Acrylic, crystal-acrylic and glass eyes, the latest in both round and oval shapes
  • Shoes in sizes between 20mm and 9 cm
  • Clothes for their 1/3 BJD line and YoSD-type dolls