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Petite Ai are a doll line created by Custom House. They are 30 cm tall and have a chubby style body. The first Petite Ai was a Gabriel released on January 24, 2004. At that time limiteds were called Petite Angel and basics were Petite Enfant. Limited were later also called Petite Enfant. The knee and elbow joints have been updated once. Some bodies of limited edition Petites included magnetic wings or modified hands and feet. Some Petite Ai heads are modified for limited releases such as elf ears, fairy ears, and magnetic horns.

Many Petite Ai's share the same headsculpt as Little Juniors. Petite heads should fit on Little Junior bodies, but Little Junior heads may have modified neck holes and not fit properly on the Petite Ai body.

Clothing that Fits

  • Tonner 10" Anne Estelle
  • Helen Kish 12" doll
  • Lati Green

Shoes that Fit

  • Tonner 10" Anne Estelle
  • Luts Cory



These are the measurements given by Custom House

Height - 30cm

Neck circumference - 7.5cm

Chest circumference - 13.7cm

Waist circumference-13.9cm

Hip circumference - 15.8cm

Wrist circumference - 4.3cm

Right hand width - 2.4cm

Left hand width - 2.5cm

Ankle circumference - 6.5cm

Knee circumference - 6.5cm

Shoulder to wrist - 4.2cm

Elbow to wrist - 4cm

Naval to knee - 9cm

Knee to feet - 7cm

Shoulder width - 5cm

Shoulder width including arms - 7cm

Head size - 6~7inch