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The Bashinah Fellowship is a set of pukipuki dolls by Fairyland. There are three full packages in the Fellowship, all Pukisha (PukiPuki) type. Bashinah is Arabic for Baby Kitten. The set was offered in two skin tones, Natural and Beautiful White, but you had to choose 1 for all 3 packages. This is currently the only set of its kind. Although the pukipuki doll body is asexual, this set appears to consist of 2 boys (Al Hikman Hidaya and Basilah Amir) and 1 girl (Hawra Hafa, belly dancer).

Bashinah Fellowship (Bashinah - Arabic for Baby Kitten) Bashinah Fellowship is a set item containing the three full packages:

  • pukisha Full Package (Al Hikmat Hidayah) (boy)
  • pukisha Full Package (Basilah Amir) (boy)
  • pukisha Full Package (Hawra Hafa) (perhaps is supposed to be a girl?)

(Only one skin tone for all three packages can be chosen. The three packages cannot have different skin tones.)

(Makeup Options)

  • pukisha Winking Face Makeup (for Al Hikmat Hidayah)
  • pukisha Scar Sleeping Face Makeup (for Basilah Amir)
  • pukisha Winking Face Makeup (for Hawra Hafa)


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