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Mei () is a 1/4 female doll sculpted by ResinSoul and cast by Bobobie, and was one of the company's original releases from 2008. She features a young-looking sculpt with a slightly smiling mouth and elf ears, and by default is available on the original ResinSoul slim mature 1/4 body.

In 2009 ResinSoul released a dreaming-eyed/sleeping version of the Mei sculpt named Fei (Fā). This sculpt features nearly-closed eyes, although eyes are still necessary as there is a slight parting between her eyelids. In 2010, Ya was released as a human eared version of Mei.

Mei, Fei, and Ya are listed at 42cm, but they are on the same default body as the 40cm RS dolls; the difference in height is purely due to the size of the respective heads.


Mei/Fei/Ya is available in the full range of BBB/RS's resin colors: normal or white for the base cost, or blue, green, sky blue, red grey, coffee/light tan, gray, lilac/lavender or pink at a small extra charge, or in chocolate/dark tan or dark gray by special order.

They can be ordered by special request with the more refined Lu hands rather than the default 1/4 RS hands.

The Mei/Fei/Ya heads are among the largest in the ResinSoul 1/4 female line. As a result they are also compatible with and can be ordered on the slightly larger RS double-jointed body, or on an RS doll. When ordered through Bobobie or some dealers, they can also be ordered on the Bobobie 1/4 bodies.

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