Secretdoll Baby Fairy

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Secret Doll Baby Fairies include: Sen, Root, Yogi, Sleeping Yogi, and Dazzle.

They come in three colors: white, normal, and tan.


  • Height: 10cm
  • Head: 7cm
  • Neck: 2.5cm
  • Shoulders: 3.2cm
  • Chest: 6cm
  • Waist: 6cm
  • Hips: 5.6cm
  • Eye Size: 7mm
  • Foot: 1.4cm
  • Wig Size: 2.8in


  • Unisex body
  • There is an older and newer version of the body. Both look similar, but the older body was more prone to twisting in the legs. The newer one has the ankle ball attached to the foot and the knees are more defined, making it pose better and not twist around.
  • Pipe cleaners work well for 'wiring' these bodies

Other Information

Crochet Pattern

by Jenny[1]

  • Size 7 hook (1.65mm) I use Perle cotton size 8, comes in a million colors.
  • CH 17
  • Row 1; 2 sc in each chain across
  • Row 2: 1 sc in each chain across
  • Row 3; 1 sc in each chain across
  • Row 4; Sc in 4, ch 4, skip 4 and attach in 5th chain. Work across chest, check for fit--
  • near end of row, ch 4, skip 4 and attach in 5th chain, then sc to end (4 or 5 stitches.)
  • This is a basic, hight waisted bodice--you can go from here, make it longer by adding either sc or double crochet. You could add a ruffle, sleeves, collar-- The skirt is whatever you want to do, any stitches, any length. The bodice can also be made and then attached to a fabric skirt.