Soom Teenie Gem Taco & Dolomi

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Taco & Dolomi Sweet Snow are Teenie Gem dolls based on dragons from the Soom 2010[[Soom Monthly Dolls|Monthly Doll] line. Taco is a snow blue skin tone, while Dolomi is cream white skin tone.

Order periods

Original order period was from Jan 3rd to Jan 19th 2011 when the Sweet Snow MDs were released.


Head was sculpted by Seo Jin Young. Sweet Snow outfit was designed by Jeong Hee Lee.

Fantasy and Optional Parts

  • Basic teenie gem body neutral type
  • Dragon legs and claws
  • Dragon tail
  • Dragon horns
  • Human head
  • Romantic Head
  • Elements card


  • Face-up Human head
  • Face-up Romantic head
  • Outfit: dress, belt, long sock, necklace, muffler
  • Body blushing
  • Eyes
    • Taco: pink
    • Dolomi: blue
  • Wig
    • Taco: dark brown
    • Dolomi: blond


Taco is not the same blue as Carbon. Dolomi can be hybridised with other cream white Teenie Gems as well as for example Fairyland LittleFee.