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A "standard" is a doll that is part of a company's normal stock. This means that the doll's sales are not limited to a predetermined number or time period.

Some companies may discontinue a standard doll, but this does not make the doll limited edition.


Depending on the popularity of the sculpt, standard dolls generally resell for approximately their original retail cost. Factors that may influence the resale cost of a standard doll are:

  • Condition: Dolls that are damaged, yellowed, or sold by smokers will normally sell below their original retail cost.
  • Customization: Desirable customizations (such as a beautiful faceup) may increase the value of a doll, while unappealing or very specific customization (such as permanent modifications) may decrease the value of a doll.
  • Popularity: Unpopular dolls may be difficult to resell due to low demand.
  • Market Saturation: If there are several of a doll available on the second-hand Market, price competition may require that the seller lower his or her price.
  • Production schedules of the original retailer: Dolls made by companies whose production times are long or order periods are irregular may sell higher on the second-hand market.
  • Shipping costs from original retailer: Inexpensive shipping or the presence of domestic distributors may decrease demand for purchases from the second-hand market. Unusually high international shipping may make purchase from the second-hand market more attractive to a potential buyer.