The Mushroom Peddler

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The Mushroom Peddler is an Artist-owned Doll Company, run by Sarah B. Seiter. She makes fantasy and anthro bjds, primarily 1/6 and smaller. The Mushroom Peddler opened in 2010.

Doll Lines

Buglings and Itty-Bitty Wonderlings are off topic and not listed.

Implings (32cm)

  • Catnip
  • Ivy (Tan, Limited Ed. of 30)m released 2014.
  • Ivy (Fair Skin)
  • Maple
  • Willow (Blue, Limited Ed. of 30), released 2012.
  • Willow (Fair Skin)

Mini Implings (24cm)

  • Fern
  • Lil' Miss Muffet (and her Spider Tuffet, Fair Skin, Limited Ed. of 30), released 2016.

Elderlings (19.69cm)

  • Hazel

Wonderlings (18.25cm)

  • Crikey the Crocodile
  • Elli the Elephant
  • Griff the Griffon
  • Hoot the Owl
  • Howl the Wolf
  • Kitsune the Fox
  • Magic the Unicorn
  • Nibbles the Rat
  • Rocky the Gargoyle
  • Scratch the Cat
  • Shelly the Turtle
  • Singe the Dragon
  • Squeak the Rat

Mini Wonderlings (14cm)

  • Flicker the Mini Dragon
  • Ribbit the Frog

Smidgelings (5cm)

  • Sir Octavius Von Tentacle
  • Tuffet the Spider


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