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Chocote Mouse is a 17 cm doll alien-mouse doll created by Villi Tunes Doll. Chocote Mouse came with 16 mm eyes created by Villi. Chocote Mouse has a wide head, chubby cheeks, and mouse ears in place of human ears.

On the Villi Tunes website, you can order eyes, wigs, outfits, and carrier bags.

Pre-Orders & Colors

You can find Chocote Mouse's listings here.

Left column shows pre-orders date(s). No end date means the pre-order ended when all pre-order slots were filled. Some pre-orders were split into two parts. A single asterisk * means the color was available during the first part; a double asterisk** means the color was available during the second part; no asterisk means the color was available during both parts.

1 Jun, 2016 - 8 Jun, 2016 Caramel Tan
1 Nov, 2016 - 31 Dec, 2016/25 Dec, 2016 - 30 Apr, 2017 Mint
5 Apr, 2017 - Mint Ice Cream Dark Tan


Mizuki, Chocote Mouse and Loppi-Moon can share clothing. Due to Chocote Mouse's wide head, some 8 - 9 sized wigs may be too small.

Eyes 16 mm
Height 17 cm
Head Circumference 22 cm (8.7 in)
Chest Circumference 10.5 cm
Waist Circumference 10 cm
Hip Circumference 7.5 cm
Shoulder to Wrist 4.5 cm