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Mimi-chu is a 25 cm alien mouse doll created by Villi Tunes Doll. Mimi-chu comes with a pair of 16 mm created by Villi. Mimi-chu's head isn't as wide as Chocote Mouse's. Mimi-chu has pouty lips, chubby cheeks, and mouse ears in place of human ears. Inside Mimi-chu's ears are small hearts.

On the Villi Tunes website, you can order eyes, wigs, outfits, and carrier bags.

Pre-Orders & Colors

You can find Mimi-chu's listings here.

Left column shows pre-orders date(s). No end date means the pre-order ended when all pre-order slots were filled.

25 Feb, 2018 - Purple Pink BLUMNT
30 Mar, 2019 - Sweet Blueberries Light Lemon Yellow BLUMNT Grey Purple


Lamoon and Mimi-chu can share clothing. Measurements are taken from a photo posted on Villi Tunes' Instagram, and the Mimi-chu listings on

Eyes 16 mm
Height 25 cm
Head Circumference 18 cm? (7 - 8 wig size)
Chest Circumference 9 cm
Arm Circumference at Elbow 3.5 cm
Waist Circumference 9 cm
Hip Circumference 19 cm
Thigh Circumference 10 cm
Leg Circumference at Knee 6.5 cm
Feet Length 2.8 cm
Feet Width 1 cm
Shoulder to Wrist 6 cm
Ears 4.5 cm