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NOTE: The Wiki can only be edited by registered DoA members who have belonged to the community for 25 days and have made 40 posts on the forum. Please be aware that every edit that you make is tracked and linked to your username.

  • All wiki entries should be in clear, correct English. Use your best grammar, capitalization, and punctuation to allow non-native English speakers to also benefit from this resource.
  • All entries should be as factual and unbiased as possible. Comments that are flaming or fangirling will be removed. Entries can not be sales pitches! No drama.
  • Because the wiki is intended as an informational resource, any entries about specific people should be of general importance to the ABJD hobby; "vanity" entries are not permitted. This means that there should be no personal biographical entries or entries about specific owners' dolls. For example, there could be an entry about Rainman (Elfdoll's sculptor) or Hideyuki Shigeta (the president of Volks), but not Member1234 or her doll. Vanity pages of this sort will be removed immediately and the poster warned.
  • Defacing entries or posting defamatory material may result in an immediate, permanent loss of wiki privileges. In more extreme cases, it may lead to a loss of general forum privileges or even loss of access to the forum itself.