1/12 Scale Dolls

Oct 21, 2018

    1. I've had my 1/6 and 1/4 scale dolls for a little while now and while working with them and everything I realized that I just sort of... don't fit with them. They're too big for me. I like having someone small and cute that I can carry around and take impromptu pictures with instead of having to set something up or worry about people giving me odd looks. So my question is, aside from fairyland's puki puki dolls, what other 1/12 scale dolls are out there?
    2. This list! has measurements for tinies, and you can sort it by height. It's not a perfect answer to your question probably, but it's a place to start? It's fairly comprehensive. Unfortunately 1/12 is outside of my realm of knowledge - I stick with about 1/8.
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    3. That one's more about dolls who work well in dollhouses, in scale as humanlike dollhouse figures, but there's lots of dolls around puki size or smaller.
      Dollzone has some. Depths Dolls has some. Withdoll has a lot of stubby lil kiddos. Latidoll White is about puki size. DreamHigh Studio makes almost exclusively tiny dolls.
    4. Oh wow, those Latidoll Whites are adorable! Thank you so much for all this info!
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    5. [​IMG] Have you looked at dollmore banji dolls. I have a couple and they fit into 1/12 scale dollshouses perfectly. They can wear pippa, dawn and some heidi ott clothes also. I cant remember how to post a pic on here but ive put some pics of mine on dollmore website in my gallery.
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    6. Hey, everyone!

      Recently I decided to start redoing my 1/12-sized dollhouse but don't have a dolly to live in it!

      I've seen older threads about dollhouse-sized dolls but nothing suuuuuuper new. I want to purchase one and am not sure where to look other than Fairyland.

      I was wondering what everyone's FAVORITE dollhouse-sized doll is?? And pics would be more than welcomed on this thread!!


      xoxo :)

      Edit: BTW I've looked on-and-off for yeaaaars at BJDs but don't own one yet, so I don't know a whole lot other than sizes and some brands. I've just seen a lot of pretty pics on Flickr and Tumblr lol! But yeah, I'd like to be more active and decided that I'm going to start with 1/12 size and maybe get into 1/6 or 1/4 next - like I planned to originally start out with but then I had the dollhouse idea!
    7. My favorite are Raysvet Dolls / BJDSvetaDolls. I have 3 of them. They're about $200 directly from the artist, and they come up on the secondhand market pretty regularly for a bit less. There's a male and female sculpt in both human and elf versions, and they're all mature sculpts. I have unboxing videos, reviews, and comparisons of them up on my YouTube channel if you're interested.

      I don't have Flickr pictures up for the male doll I have from this artist, but here are links to the Flickr albums for the girls:
      Flora [Raysvet Dolls | 1:12 Scale]
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    8. Could you please direct me to the second hand sale for the Raysvet doll? Is it here?
    9. You can also look for the older Elfdoll tinys, they fit very well with dollhouse-scale items. I see them come up occasionally on the secondary market.

      by clochette62, on Flickr
    10. I don't know if they're considered on topic here or not, so they'd likely not be for sale on this site. The only place I have seen them secondhand over the last couple of years is on eBay, and I haven't seen any for sale lately in my casual browsing. (The artist's actual shop is on Etsy: BJDSvetaDolls. I've found her to be super sweet and amazing to talk to/work with if you have any concepts you want made into super tiny dolls. I will note that the prices have raised since CaladhielTan's initial post. If you have any other questions, feel free to message me since as I said I'm not sure these dolls are on topic.)
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    11. Thank you! :abow:
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    12. I usually see them on eBay. They haven't been recasted yet, the artist has distinctive faceups and sends CoAs, so it's not as risky buying them on eBay as some sculpts.