CP Delf Discussion Part 13

Jun 2, 2021

    1. I like the fact that CP gave their sculpts "stories" and "families" like that! It gives the dolls a lot of character and it gives the brand itself a lot of personality. I kind of wish they still did that. It would explain a lot of similarities between more of the recent releases :sweat


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    2. I'm today years old when I found out the old Delf sculpts had backstories. Did any others have lore behind them?
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    3. @kaboomkim I don’t think anything can really explain over 20 sculpts being that similar…

      @coop52 I don’t know, I don’t think so.
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    4. @coop52 There was some speculation at the time of Harang's release that he was "related" to Shiwoo due to the similarities in their sculpts, but nothing was confirmed. Minifees Ruth and Shushu were released at the same time, much like El and Lishe always were, and the sculpts bear some resemblance, but nothing was said to be intentional. I think by the time the Type 2 body was released, they stopped doing the little backstories :pout:
      @TeaPartyRevolution That made me laugh more than it probably should have :sweat
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    5. @kaboomkim I honestly think it is a shame that they are just basically producing the same thing over and over again now.
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    6. I agree :(
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    7. They seem to have found their niche... and then abandoned everything that wasn't 110% inside that space. Which is great for people who are into that specific thing, I guess. There seem to be plenty of collectors who are. It's just a lot more limited than what they used to produce.

      In the end, they *are* a business, though... So, if a horde of bow-legged, duck-faced little girls is what makes the most profit for them it would be silly NOT to expect them to chase that audience. In the end, the people who want that must just have turned out to be a more lucrative market than we old-school types were. :XD:
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    8. It’s heartbreaking to me that they no longer seem to produce boy dolls, or even 60s even. I have one of the Feeple 70s, and comparing him to my Shiwoo and Breakaway, I get why they discontinued them…but dang lol.
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    9. Well, I wouldn't say I dislike the new dolls from Fairyland. But after a while the faces start to look alike. I feel like I have enough of them. The only thing that would get me to buy another one is if they made a Marcia minifee into an F60.
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    10. Oh I understand why - money calls to all businesses, I simply think it's unfortunate for all of those collectors that liked their sculpts from prior to this current version of their look.
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    11. Really the only thing that keeps me interested with Fairyland's new designs is Fairy's Atelier. Could you imagine some of the older sculpts rereleased with these beautiful new fashions?!
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    12. I finally got around to taking some pictures of the dress I made a month ago. Got a bunch of real life stuff going on but it’s nice to take pics. My dining table is the only place with nice natural light lol.
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    13. @coop52 Beautiful dress! And your Miyu is so lovely!
      @IngieBee I've only had bits and pieces and I'm currently waiting on Dina's outfit & shoes from a split. So far, everything I've handled is so nice. Most recent clothing item I have from fairyland are Luha's shoes and they're gorgeous and really good quality!
    14. That sounds awesome. I'm getting ready to make something to match my FL full set for another doll, but I think I might wait to see what it looks like IRL so I can "match" it somewhat better. It won't be the same but I want something that works together.
    15. @coop52 your miyu is beautiful! I love her dress! :3nodding:

      Its been a bit since I posted, going through some hard anxiety times, but i took this photo for my instagram today, and I uploaded a bunch to Flickr. Hope you like it! :whee:

      [​IMG]DSC_0537~2 by Emily, on Flickr
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    16. New angle, nice photo :) hang in there :thumbup
    17. My adult daughter has been dealing with anxiety issues lately, too. Please take care of yourself, @SacredMonsoon
    18. Thank you @IngieBee @Kirahfaye :hug: i really appreciate it. I'm working on it, I hope you are all okay too! :whee:
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    19. Sometimes the "classics" are just the best. My dreaming el Rhys is home from the spa. I will be restringing him today or tomorrow (he's quite floppy at the moment) and I might get him tattooed in the future as well.

      face-up by @SugarCoatedStars
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    20. Oh wow, he's gorgeous @Nikki'sNewObsession ! I love the way the artist did him!

      @SacredMonsoon I had 2 really good productive days, and I'm off in a few to exercise then I have a full list of things to do after. I hope I've changed my sluggish ways and will get things done around here :D