Obitsu General Discussion - Part Three (60cm, 55cm, 50cm and 47cm)

Oct 14, 2016

    1. who has an obitsu mines Maya
    2. my bad

      i got my first doll Maya its really nice
    3. It happens! The advanced search feature is usually my go-to, you can narrow your keyword search down to specific sub-forums. Otherwise, it can be a bit overwhelming! Enjoy the discussion thread!
    4. Thought I'd share my latest project, adding new alien features onto an old head that came free with the Obitsu body I have. It's based on Quark from Star Trek: DS9. It doesn't really show in this pic, but the additions under the eyes and around the mouth are rougher than I'd like. I've spend days trying to get them perfectly smooth, but I can still see the parting line and it's still a bit bumpy.
      Obitsu project
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    5. @Audrina Mystique That's so cool! I always wondered if anyone made Star Trek Characters, now I know!
    6. @mollym Thank you! I also have Khan and Captain Kirk, but they're not Obitsus. When my Ferengi character is done, I'll post a group pic if you like!
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    7. Just curious, is Obitsu discontinuing all of their 1/4 to 1/3 dolls? It seems that all of the ones that go out of stock pretty much stay that way these days. I can't find the body I want anywhere. Even when I manage to find it, it always comes with a head I have no use for.
    8. No, Obitsu is still actively selling the 50cm and 48cm lines (in fact, they recently restocked the Semi-Order for the 50-06, which is my favorite of the Obitsu heads). These bodies and parts are mostly in-stock on the Obitsu website.

      If I remember correctly, Obitsu never directly sold the 45cm body -- you've always had to go to Parabox for those. Azone is now selling a body on their own Obitsu 45cm model, the AZT 8-45 (why it's named that, I have no idea). None of the Azone bodies can be bought separately; they all come with fullset dolls (with head, eyes, wig, outfit, etc.).

      However, it does appear the Obitsu 60cm and 65cm bodies has been fully discontinued.
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    9. Hello!!! I heard somewhere that this was the place to discuss Angel Philia dolls? I just ordered Kanna from Mandarake and was curious about what size wigs, eyes and clothing would fit her besides the Angel Philia branded stuff. Any additional information you have about these dolls would be super helpful.
    10. Welcome!
      Yes, you can discuss Angel Philias here! APs are manufactured by Obitsu Manufacturing Co., Ltd. , who is also responsible for most Azone 50-60cm dolls, Visuadolls, Yamato VMF50s, Parabox 40-60cm bodies, Real Art Project (RAP) dolls and a few others. You'll find many of these doll have parts that are interchangeable, which can give you some interesting modifications.

      White skin is pretty universal throughout these dolls, while the AP tan is only found on APs and RAP bodies. If you are at all interested in swapping hands frequently I would suggest looking into acquiring wrist joint parts for each pair of hands. Removing the wrist from the arm is way easier than swapping hands on to wrist parts.

      Another thing to be aware of is head removal. If you need to remove the doll's head it is best done by gripping the head tightly under the ears, squeezing and twisting so the neck piece stays with the head and just pops out of the neck/torso vinyl. Reinserting the neck piece into the torso is much easier than reinserting the neck piece in to the head. If you do remove the neck piece from the head it can be a bit tricky to reinstall correctly. This tutorial might help"
      Dollieh Sanctuary • View topic - The New Obitsu Neck Piece

      As with any body modifications or replacement of parts, the hair dryer is your best friend! Heating the vinyl will soften it and make it easier to work with.

      As far as wigs go, most AP heads are on the small side and can often squeeze into a 6-7. 7-8 will fit but might be a tad loose and require some sort of tape or other adhesive to keep them in place. I have both sizes on my numerous 50cm's. Most eyes used are 16mm, but dropping down a size to 14mm will also work with many heads.

      Clothing can be hit or miss depending on what AP body you have. Many of the big AP girls can be the same size bust (or larger) than 60cm Dollfie Dreams but have tiny waists and are no where near as tall. Some MSD sized garments will fit, particularly items with some stretch. I would advise staying away from "fitted" garments till you get a handle on what works on your particular girl.

      Look for shoes with an inner length of about 7cm (+/- 5mm). Even the flat feet will fit in most heels, although most AP bodies seem to come with high heel feet these days. Open strappy heels will look better with the high heel feet.
      I have a short listing of places to start your search for Obitsu clothing here:
      Dollieh Sanctuary • View topic - Obitsu Couture Corner

      If you have any specific questions, just ask.
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    11. @plasticcollective Some people like to discuss all of their Obitsu based dolls in this large overall thread. Some people are only interested in the Angel Philia brand and there is a thread dedicated just to them.
    12. @K-2! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond so thoroughly! There was a lot of information in there that I had no idea about even after doing some independent research... (such as the head removal, hand switching, etc.) I actually haven't even taken my lovely Kanna out of the box yet because I've been so intimidated by her but after reading through your post I definitely feel more prepared to handle her.
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    13. Is it true that silicone wig caps react badly with vinyl? I read about this on a blog that is known for having hearsay and drama so I'm not sure if I want to believe it without verification, but I also don't want to damage my vinyl dollies and from what was said it sounds like it makes them all goopy? But I worry if I use tape or sticky velcro the residue of that will be gross and goopy. @k-2 you're the resident expert, have you experienced issues like that with your dolls? I could imagine using a rubber band except I've heard that stains badly too. I've been getting more into the vinyl side of the hobby (mainly off-topic vinyls but also my obitsu designer head on an off topic body) so I figured it would be worth knowing before something irreparable happens due to a wrong choice.
    14. I have never heard anything about silicone wig caps doing anything adverse to vinyl. I don't use them myself. I will usually use some double stick tape or a piece of that velcro like stuff (forget the name) that Volks used to sell. Any unwanted residue from adhesives usually comes off with a little rubbing alcohol.
      My understanding is that the silicone wig caps are used for padding out wigs that were a little too big, providing some extra grip for loose wigs, and stain prevention. The silicone material will transmit stains from a wig cap but it does give an early warning that staining is imminent.
    15. Thanks! I figured it might be one of those questionable things so I'm glad you cleared that up at least somewhat. I hadn't known about using rubbing alcohol to get rid of tape residue so now I know that I'll probably stick with that method. Though I wonder, does it damage the wigs at all, getting caught on them? I'd expect it moreso with velcro but I want to be careful since good wigs can be expensive.
    16. Volks still sells that stuff it's called Volks Wig Stop or Pitatto. I use it on all my dolls I love it so much. Pitatto Wig (Doll Wig Stopper)
    17. @plasticcollective Congrats on your Kanna!

      If she is the original configuration, she has the K head, 16mm acrylic grey eyes, H2 bust, H torso and thighs, C shins, Obitsu soft-skin arms and flat feet. She's tan, which is fun but also a little tricky. Like K-2! has said, that tan is a color exclusive to Angel Philia. You can find the tan outer parts from vendors like FaithZ, some auction sites in Japan and if you can use a proxy, Tommy's site. However, the armature parts that show like ankles, wrists, knees.... etc are the most difficult pieces to find in tan. Inner parts use the Obitsu 48/50 pieces and since they don't show, you can replace them with parts available from Parabox.

      Obitsu shoes will fit her, Azone shoes.... the regular MSD (not slim) shoes will most often fit too! Clothes are more difficult. If you keep her H2 bust, it makes it much, much easier. Code Noir will fit, many MSD tops, and many SD skirts, capris, undies and shorts. If you can hem the pants, you may find those can work too. TCDoll in Japan makes some lingerie types of outfits, but you'll need a proxy. Sellers on Etsy that make some things for Angel Philia. There's a FaceBook group that is administrated by FaithZ and CodeNoir. That's the best luck I've had buying/selling/trading with other AP collectors, but it's not as 'safe' as DoA. There may be some things made for other, similar vinyl dolls, that may work. Since my interest is limited to AP, I cannot comment on those.

      I use Monique Gold wigs in 6/7 but some 7/8 fit too. I've never used a wig cap because the vinyl has a bit of tooth to it, so I've not found the wigs slipping to be an issue as it is for my resin dolls. Rubber bands work though, if you have a wig that slips.

      The AP dolls are loads of fun. The only real challenge is avoiding stains. I get around this by dressing mine in either white, or putting my handmade slips under their clothes. I've only had one stain which was from a printed dot on some polka dot knit capris. Sometimes the fabric will be fine, but I've seen some colored threads in hems and seams leave stains on some of the vinyl dolls. Stains can be removed most of the time, but if you want to keep the original blushing, then it's something worth avoiding.

      I hope that helps!