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Shelling TV Characters?

Jul 23, 2018

    1. I notice a lot of people shelling OCs and stuff, and i feel kinda weird admitting this but my first doll is gonna be Sansa Stark from my favorite show, Game Of Thrones. I always felt deeply attached to the character and I wanted to have a dolly of her, but they obviously dont make a lot of GoT toys! I can't be the only one who wanted to make a doll into a character I love from a TV show or movie, right? :lol:

      dont yet have any pictures because she hasnt come in yet :(
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    2. Aww, I love Sansa! She'll make a great doll.

      You're not the only one! There are plenty of dolls based on characters from anime, games and live-action shows. I know someone on here has very well-done Dean and Castiel from Supernatural, for example! One of these days I hope to recreate some of my faves in doll form, too!
    3. It's a good way to have something of your favorite character if ya make a doll of it, especially if it's some relatively unknown character that probably won't get much, if any, merchandise made of it.

      I have plans to one day make a doll of Rin Okumura from Ao no Exorcist. Already have his head, but it'll be a while before he gets a body. I've seen someone who made the same head sculpt into a doll of Rin from Free! so I think the IoS Cho should have been named the Rin sculpt. xD
    4. I’m not a huge fan of many shows or movies so it’s not a plan for myself, but I’ve seen some amazing work on here from doll owners shelling characters from popular media!

      The one that particularly stood out to me was this spot-on Kylo Ren.
    5. That's such a wonderful idea honestly! Especially, as people have mentioned, if you're shelling a character that has little official merch.
      If I'm being honest, my current doll plans are to shell an OC that is essentially an insert character for a TV show :") If you love a universe or a character, I'd say go for it!! To have a doll is such an incredible way to connect with the canon.
    6. I definitely understand...having a physical representation of a beloved character is such a wonderful feeling. I still feel that there's gaps in my toy collection because there aren't figures of certain characters out there! I've definitely considered turning some of my favorite characters from media into dolls, though for right now, since I'm starting out, I'm just focusing on my own characters.
      I love the idea though, plus since it'd be OOAK, you'd be the only one in the fanbase with a doll like yours :D
    7. Omg, Rin Matsuoka? I love him! He was my anime crush back when I was big inyo anime lol. Do you knows the person’s acc and if they have photos? Sorry, I’m a big fan lol.
    8. My future dolls will based on two anime characters, Kuroko Tetsuya and Akashi Seijuro from Kuroko no Basuke. :) I love them so much that I must shell them into bjds :D
    9. I'm still kinda obsessed with the idea of having a Minbari doll. Though it would have to be a human-Minbari hybrid, I guess, since that's easier to do ... If I COULD get a full Minbari doll to work, it would be either Delenn or Neroon.
    10. Actually, this idea is what me finally brought into the hobby. I wnated to have a miniature version of a character from a TV-show, but I could not find what I was looking for. Then after writing a lot of fanfictions and stuff, the character started to evolve within my head, so that now I am trying to shell a character that is heavy-inspired by a tv-show-character, but nevertheless is unique. It will me MY version of the character (In fact, two charasters).

      I love the idea of shelling characters that you like, no matter if OC or not :D
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    11. Sounds like what I'm trying to do-- my doll will be a special version of Sansa, my interpretation of her! I'm so happy im not the only one!
    12. I have a doll that is based on the character Dagur from DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon TV series, I also am considering getting one based after a movie character from BlueSky's Epic. While most of my dolls are based on my OC's, it's nice to have some that are from another person's mind :)
    13. Now I'm curious to see your take on her! I'm sure it'll be great. Sansa is an excellent choice of muse.

      A HtTYD doll would be cool! I've never seen Epic, but the art styles of both movies seem like they'd lend themselves really well to bjds.

      At some point, I'd like to try making a Xellos and Lina from Slayers, and perhaps a Tron and Teisel Bonne from Rockman DASH. My small 90s fandoms, let me show you them...
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    14. I reeeally want to shell Rinko Yamato from the My Love Story!! anime.... I know it's kind of a baseless anime but I LOVE IT so much.:aheartbea
    15. I personally love taking my favorite existing characters and doing doll versions of them. When I was still actively collecting Pullips, I was changing all of them practically into my favorite TV/anime/cartoon characters at the time.

      Currently the only bjd versions I've got are four characters from Legend of Korra, Avatar the Last Airbender's sequel series. A lot of inspiration from a fanfic I'm working on for Korra went into into the creation of most of my OCs, so I felt I needed to also do BJD versions of the most pivotal characters of that fic. :3nodding:
    16. After having shelled my personal Version of Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty, I am just at the beginning of shelling Mads Mikkelsen as the "Black Kaiser" from the film "Polar". I know, the film might not be best... but I love Mads in his role and I can't wait to start with the work. Currently I am still waiting for the head (Mikkel 2.0 bi Namonaki Workshop) to finally get through customs and then the real work begins! until then I am shoping for clothes and Wigs etc XD... unfortunately I don't know which wig size I will need, so I will have to wait before ordering
    17. Sounds a wonderful idea I too big fan of Games of Thornes think my doll would be mother of dragons.
      would also love a Rumpelstiltskin from once upon a time
      hope you post pictures when your finish
    18. It think that sounds really fun ! I personally want to one day make a doll of a character from an anime I really like~
      Also Sansa is a great character ! I love her a lot, she has a lot of different story elements I enjoy a lot ! great choice for a doll~