Update [WITHDOLL] 64cm SWD Boy Body + Event

Nov 10, 2017

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      We updated 64cm SWD Boy Body to the 'Parts' category.
      SWD Boy Body could be sold separately from now on.

      Withdoll halloween edition 'Owl Post' was released!
      This limited edition is sold for a limited period of time only.
      This sale ends Nov. 15.

      [Halloween Event]
      Period : Until Nov. 15.

      01. Re-releasing of Halloween Edition : Scarecrow Cathy, Black Cat
      02. The customer who purchase a couple of dolls with same-colored skin will receive clasped hands for free.
      ; This event applies to all basic edition dolls and Halloween edition.
      03. 10% Off Sale for 40 cm Dolls and 60cm dolls


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      WITHdoll Mini Discussion Part 8
      Withdoll 16cm discussion
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    2. @cello151 Is it possible to buy the Pumpkin Head separately?