Event [WITHDOLL] Christmas Event & New 16cm Body

Dec 19, 2018

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      Second Christmas Event
      ; Re-releasing of some limited edition
      10~20% Discount Sale
      This Event ends by Dec. 30.

      BWD Limited Edition (10% OFF)
      - Moon Rabbit and Astronaut / Lily
      - Moon Rabbit and Astronaut / Lulu
      - Moon Rabbit and Astronaut / Ace

      JWD Limited Edition (20% OFF)
      - Witch maid / Ruby
      - Witch maid / Emma
      - Dark Assassin / Kiara
      - Dark Elf / Angela
      - Knight of Light / Eliza
      - Knight of Light / Luna
      - Snow Queen / Eliza
      - Scarecrow / Cathy
      - Blade Master / Cynthia
      - Dark Knight / Priscilla

      The modification work of JWD 41cm girl body is taking longer than expected.
      New JWD body will be released February or March
      and the current JWD girl body is going to be discontinued.
      We apologize for this unavoidable delay and we are holding a "Farewell Sale" once more.

      SWD Limited Edition (10% OFF)
      - Alan, the Elf Assassin

      [Notice] BWD 16cm Body and Heart Hands are available separately
      BWD 16cm Body and Heart Hands were updated to Parts category.
      Knee joints were modified in the new body.
      Please give us your interest and support .


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    2. curious if you'll bring back elf hunter Ash, Ruby or Emma anytime soon?
    3. No JWD girl dolls will be available during the sale? Is it possible to purchase just their heads in that case?