ReRelease [WITHDOLL] "Farewell Sale" and re-releasing of limited editions for 40cm girl doll

Oct 16, 2018

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      New 40cm girl body will be released January of next year and the current 40cm girl body is going to be discontinued. The limited editions of 40cm girl doll may be discontinued because their outfit will not fit in the new body. Before discontinuing the current 40cm girl body, we are holding a “Farewell Sale" and re-released some limited editions. You can buy the 40cm girl dolls for 20% off the original price. The limited editions that was re-released are as follows.

      Witch maid - Ruby
      Witch maid - Emma
      Dark Assassin - Kiara
      Dark Elf - Angela
      Knight of the Light - Eliza
      Knight of the Light - Luna
      Elf Hunter - Emma
      Elf Hunter - Ruby
      Snow Queen - Eliza
      Scarecrow - Cathy
      Blade master - Cynthia
      Dark Knight - Priscilla

      We offer two year warranties for services and parts. The sale ends Oct. 22 and the sale period can be adjusted according to the sales. Please give us your interest and support.

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    2. @cello151
      Even if the clothing sets wont work anymore, will you be releasing the limited head sculpts again? Such as the elves. Or will this be the last time we can get the elf girls?
    3. Seconding prior comment + Would there be any chance to purchase the outfits/option parts purchasing a doll?
    4. Is the body being discontinued on the 22nd or is that just when the sale ends?