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Customizing is the act of personalizing your doll.

One of the most unique aspects of Asian ball-jointed dolls is the ability to customize almost every part of them.

Simple customization might involve changing the dolls eyes, wig, or clothing. Many doll owners will create a hybrid using different parts from different doll companies. This can be as simple as using a different body for a head or as complex as using different specific parts, like hands and feet. In some cases, a bit of modding and/or blushing is required to to make the parts fit and match correctly or closely.

Many owners choose to change their dolls' faceup, either by repainting the face themselves or sending the doll to a customizer. More advanced customization might include reversible improvements to the body such as restringing, esthetizing (removing the doll's seams), coating, blushing, sueding, or wiring.

Some owners choose to permanently change their dolls by making modifications to the face or body ("modding"). These changes might be purely visual, or they might alter the poseability or structure of the doll.

A small number of doll owners sculpt original heads or optional parts for their dolls.