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Dollmore (or DM) is a Korean doll company that carries their own SD-sized and MSD-sized lines, and sells a variety of other (non) ABDJ dolls and products. They opened their English site in 2005. [1] Dollmore often bring out limited sets of their dolls, and holds shipping and Christmas events.

Doll lines

  • Dollmore Doll
  • Kid Dollmore Doll
    • Kid Dollmore Boy (43.5 cm)
    • Kid Dollmore Girl (43.5 cm)
  • Model Doll
  • Lusion Doll (80 cm)
  • Glamor Eve (59cm)
  • Dollpire
    • Dollpire Adam (62 cm)
    • Dollpire Eve (57 cm)
    • Dollpire Kid (43.5 cm)

Other dolls sold at Dollmore

Other dolls formerly sold at Dollmore

These doll companies no longer sell through Dollmore.