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Iplehouse released Aaliyah as part of The Addiction series which began in 2013. She plays a dark elf who is not pure of blood. She was released along with Doria who are both EID females.


  • Aaliyah - The Addiction was released for ordering from March 14th until April 21st 2013.
  • Aaliyah's sculpt is only available for order in Doll Choice.

Aliyah - The Addiction


  • EID woman body (peach gold, special real, light brown, ebony)
  • Aaliyah head
  • 12mm acrylic eyes (offered randomly)
  • Basic hand parts
  • Basic feet parts
  • Default box
  • Extra tension string, S-type hook and extra magnets
  • Assembly Manual & Certificate of Authenticity


  • Thigh (general, mobility)
  • Bust size (large, medium)
  • Faceup for Human head (A type, B type)
  • Fantasy head
  • Fantasy hand
  • Fantasy foot
  • Fantasy brushing (A type, B type, parts brushing)
  • Horn parts (brushing, no brushing)
  • Outfit: halter neck top, arm warmer, cape, hot pants, belt, leg warmer 1, leg warmer 2, belt with sheath
  • Accessory: hair accessory


  • Outfit can fit all EID women regardless of bust size.
  • Horn parts are only attachable to special head with magnets.
  • Wig, shoes, and dagger are not included in set and must be ordered separately
  • Wig: Human A type (M014 #1B, Human B type (M033 #F17), Dark Elf C type (M014#1B), Dark Eld D type (M033 #F17)

Story Line

Bloody Tales of Castle Bran
Dark elf Aaliya who has hidden desire
Aaliyah is third in line to the throne but she was always discriminate by Under Dark because she was a non-pure-blood.
Even though how she was treated Aaliyah was always proud of herself.
One day, Aaliyah decided to leave Under Dark.
While traveling through the woods Aaliyah fell in danger but saved by Doria who was just passing by.
And from that day Aaliyah supported Doria in her man hunting.
Actually Aaliyah was the one who turned Doria into a vampire
Since Under Dark didn't want Aaliyah to know about her hidden ability, they observed her every behavior very closely.
But Aaliyah already knew that sun does no harm her in any way but just make her appear more human.
Will Aaliyah be just another victim of the Under Dark or be a conqueror of both worlds?
Well, let's see what is waiting for Aaliyah.