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Iplehouse released Doria as part of The Addiction series which began in 2013. She plays a Duchess who was turned into a vampire by Aaliyah. The two were released at the same time for The Addiction series and are both EID females.


  • Doria - The Addiction was released for ordering from March 14th until April 21st 2013.
  • Doria's sculpt is only available for order in Doll Choice.

Doria - The Addiction


  • EID woman body (white, normal , peach gold, special real)
  • Doria head
  • 12mm acrylic eyes (offered randomly)
  • Basic hand parts
  • Basic feet parts
  • High heel feet parts
  • Default box
  • Extra tension string, S-type hook and extra magnets
  • Assembly Manual & Certificate of Authenticity


  • Bust size (large, medium)
  • Thigh (general, mobility)
  • Faceup for Human head (A type, B type)
  • Faceup for Fantasy head (A type, B type)
  • Fantasy head (white, normal , peach gold, special real)
  • Fantasy hand & feet parts (brushing, no brushing)
  • Horn parts (brushing, no brushing)
  • Outfit: long jacket, dress skirt, corset, lace necklace, panties, stocking
  • Accessory: hair accessory


  • Gown is made with stiff fabric so may be difficult to sit the doll down.
  • Gown can fit all bust shapes of EID woman.
  • Horn parts are only attachable to special head with magnets.
  • Wig, shoes, and dagger are not included in set and must be ordered separately
  • Wig: Human A type (M063 #130, Human B type (M063 #33), Vampire C type (M014#130), Vampire D type (M014 #33)

Story Line

Bloody Tales of Castle Bran
Noble blood who always craves for blood and sacrifice
When she turned 16, Doria married a Duke and started to live in the beautiful Castle Bran.
Since the Duke was the most loyal and trusted knight in Transylvania he was always far away from home.
So Doria was always alone in the beautiful castle by herself.
Lonely Doria started to learn black magic to spend time but soon she started to fall into mysterious black magic.
Once day Doria went to near forest to find ingredients for her magic and met Aaliyah in the forest.
Soon they became best friends and Aaliyah was invited to live in Castle Bran.
And Doria who has always wanted eternal life became a vampire by Aaliyah.
Before long Doria heard that Duke was killed on a war and she became a beautiful and wealthy widow.
She became famous all over the country because of her beauty and wealth and Castle Bran was always full of man who wanted to propose to Doria.
And soon she was full of blood and human sacrifice which she was looking for.