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Iplehouse released Roger as a limited edition for their Cowboy Western theme which they started in 2011. His is the sixth doll that came out under this series and he plays the sheriff. He is an EID male and was eventually released as a basic doll.


  • Roger - Special Edition available for order on June 14th until July 11th 2012.
  • Roger became available as a basic version and is also available for order in the Custom Doll System.

Roger - Special Edition


  • EID male body (model, super hero)
  • Roger head
  • Eyes
  • Default hand parts
  • Default feet parts
  • Default box
  • Extra tension string, S-type hook and extra magnet
  • Assembly Manual & Certificate of Authenticity


  • Faceup
  • Skin color: (normal, peach gold, special real, light brown)
  • Thigh part (general type, mobility type)
  • Wig: L032 (#9 sepia)
  • Shoes: L006 (Black)
  • Outfit: shirts, vest, coat, pants, belt, scarf, hat, gun holster
  • Gun (Pistol brushed, pistol not brushed, rifle brushed, rifle not brushed)
  • Hand parts for holding gun
  • Bullets

Bullets can only be ordered for customers who orders outfit and gun.

Roger Basic Version


  • EID male body (model, super hero)
  • Eyes: 12, 14, 16mm acrylic eyes (offered randomly)
  • Default box
  • Extra tension string, magnet and S-type ring
  • Certificate of Authenticity


  • Faceup (A type, B type, C type)
  • Skin color (white, normal, peach gold, special real)
  • Thigh type (general type, mobility type)