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This is Soom's limited edition Monthly Doll, or MD, line for 2010, spilling into 2011 because of a delay in the production of their first Centauroid Gem Epidos. So far, the dolls have been a mix of Super Gem, Mega Gem, Centauroid Gem, and Teenie Gem in size. Soom is continuing to produce these dolls with fantasy parts and limited edition face-ups, outfits, blushing, and eyes. Each doll in the line has his or her own history and personality. Soom has tried new things with this line, including the use of black resin and the introduction of a new head cap for the Super Gem line. Body types also vary, including Breccia's new big busted body and Monzo's more muscular chest. The Teenie Gem body also got a revamp with new joints in July.

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