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RaMcube (former Rapa’s Factory) is Korean BJD company, introduced in November, 2011. They usually do not sell full dolls anymore - only heads and bodies.



RaM No.6 Body

Measurements Link

65cm body

  • Tall (including head): 65cm
  • Circumference of neck: 11cm
  • Width of shoulders: 14.3cm
  • Circumference of chest: 26.7cm
  • Length of arm(Including hand): 25.5cm
  • Circumference of waist: 21cm
  • Circumference of hips: 25.7cm
  • Circumference of thigh: 15.3cm
  • Length of leg (including foot): 33.5cm
  • Length of foot: 7.7cm

1/4 and 1/6 body

R:F Original Dolls Body 1/4
Height 16cm
Girth of the head 14.5cm / 5-6” 19cm
Eye size 10mm~12mm 12mm~14mm
Girth of the neck 4.5cm
Width of the shoulder 2.5cm / 4cm (with arms)
Arm length (Shoulder to wrist) 5cm
Arm circumference 3.5cm
Elbow to writs 2cm
Wrist circumference 3cm
Hands (width) 3.5cm
Girth of the chest 8cm
Girth of the waist 9cm
Girth of the hip 11cm
Waist to bottom of hip 1.5cm
Leg length (Navel to sole of the foot) 8cm
Thigh circumference 6cm
Knee circumference 4.5cm
Ankle circumference 3.5cm
Length of the feet 2.5cm
  • 1/4 heads are compatible with Volks MSD size (40cm) body & wig


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