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Ringdoll is a Chinese doll company founded in 2009, created by Ron Fletcher (USA) and Huang Shan (China). The current lines are Ring Grown (72cm), Ring Teenager (boy - 63 cm, girl - 59cm), Ring Kid (43cm), and Ring Sweet (27cm). Resin colors include white, pure normal, and tan, with gray offered with certain limited dolls. Jointed hands for Ring Grown were formerly available, but discontinued in January of 2014.

Ringdoll changed their resin in late 2010. The original resin was a translucent French resin. A change to their normal skin was made mid-2014, to a lighter and even more opaque resin. It is no longer "Volks-matching" as formerly advertised.


Ring Grown (72cm)

  • Admiral Ronald
    • Ronald – style B
  • Air Force Wolf
  • Boyce
    • Boyce – style B
  • Carlos
    • Carlos Limited (LE)
  • Dracula
  • Edward
  • Frankenstein (LE)
    • Frankenstein 2013 (LE)
  • Jack the Ripper (LE)
  • Kashira
  • Kirin (LE)
  • Lucifer – Basic
    • Lucifer – style B
    • Lucifer – style C
    • Lucifer·Arios (LE)
  • Lulu (LE50) - limited to China/Hong Kong/Taiwan only
  • MengHe
    • MengHe – style B
  • MoYu (LE) - fullset limited to China only
  • Mu Xuanying
  • Nair
  • Qinzhe - fullset limited to China only; nude doll available in other countries.
    • Qinzhe – style B
  • Raymond
    • Raymond – style B
  • Shaolin
  • Sol / Kay / Norman ~ the same mold
    • Lieutenant Sol
    • Master Ring (LE)
    • Norman - Lightside
    • Sol – style C
    • Zombie Sol (LE)
  • Tianzhen (LE)
    • Tianzhen style B (LE)
  • Vincent (LE)
  • Warren
  • Xiu

Ring Teenager (63 / 59 cm)

  • Akito
  • Amethyst
    • Amethyst – style B
  • Andrew (Andrew·De·Guise)
    • Andrew Dark Side (LE)
  • Andy
  • Armand (LE)
  • Ashford – style B
    • Ashford
  • Chai
  • Crystal
    • Crystal – style B
  • Daniel
    • Daniel – style B
  • Dian
  • DiYue
  • Don
    • Don – style B
  • Eva (LE)
  • Jessica (LE)
  • Julia (Julia·De·Guise)
    • Julia Dark Side (LE)
    • Julia – style B
  • Kou (same sculpt as Little Red Riding Hood)
  • Little Red Riding Hood (same sculpt as Kou)
  • Mai
    • Mai – style B
  • Markus (discontinued)
    • Markus – style B (discontinued)
    • Markus – style C (discontinued)
  • Melody
    • Melody – style B
  • Misha
    • Misha – style B
    • Misha – style C
  • Mona
  • Morning
  • Pan (discontinued)
    • Pan – style B (discontinued)
    • Pan – style C (discontinued)
    • Pan – style D (discontinued)
    • Pan – style E (discontinued)
    • Twilight Pan (LE50)
  • Petter (discontinued)
  • Ran (discontinued)
    • Ran – style B (discontinued)
  • Ryan (discontinued)
  • Shao (discontinued)
    • Shao – style B (discontinued)
    • Shao – style C (discontinued)
  • Spencer
  • Wagashi (discontinued)
    • Wagashi – style B
    • Wagashi – style C (discontinued)
    • Wagashi – style D
  • Welcome (discontinued)

Ring Kid (43 cm)

  • Alice
  • Dylan – style A (discontinued)
    • Dylan – style B (discontinued)
  • En
  • Kyo
  • Lily (discontinued)
  • Mad Hatter
  • Rebecca
  • Valo
    • Valo – style B

Ring Sweet

  • Bobo
    • Bobo style B
  • Nana

Ring Tiny

Not released yet

Ring Special

  • Armand (LE / 99 dolls worldwide)
  • Annie - gift only for Ringdoll's new year activity (2014)'
  • Boyce human ver.
  • Boyce werewolf ver.
  • Dracula
  • Easter Bunny - gift only for Easter Day Event 2015
  • Eva (The bride of Frankenstein)
  • Frankenstein
  • Frankenstein 2013
  • Judges (discontinued / can still be ordered upon request)
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Jessica
  • K (Fullset LE50)
  • Kirin
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Lora
  • Lucifer·Arios
  • Lulu
  • Master Ring (Macau International Animation Festival Theme Doll)
  • MoYu
  • Mu Xuanying
  • Norman Light Side
    • Norman Light 2.0
  • Normal Dark Side
    • Norman Dark 2.0 (LE30)
  • Quiz
    • Quiz 2.0 (LE30)
  • Shaolin
  • Shelly - a gift only for Ringdoll's new year activity (2014)
  • Tianzhen
  • The Atlas Sea: Carlos
  • The Atlas Sea: Nair
  • Twilight Pan
  • Vincent (LE / 31 dolls worldwide)
  • Welcome
  • Xiu
  • Zombie Amy (LE20) - released 23.11.2015
  • Zombie Sol

Doll Measurements

Ring Grown

RGMbody-01 RGMbody-02 RGMbody-03 RGMbody-04
Height (including head) 72cm 72cm 70.5cm 68cm
Head 21cm 21cm 20.5cm
Circumference of neck 10cm 10.5cm 13cm 11cm
Width of shoulders 15cm 15cm 15cm 14cm
Circumference of chest 28.5cm 30cm 31.5cm 28.5cm
Circumference of waist 21.5cm 22cm 23.5cm 20.5cm
Circumference of hips 27cm 28.5cm 28.5cm 27.5
Arm length 21cm 21.5cm 21cm 20.5cm
Girth of arm 10.5cm
Leg length (from hip to foot) 40cm 41cm 40.5cm 38.5cm
Foot length 9cm 9cm 8.5cm 8.5cm
Girth of leg 16cm

Photos: Ring Grown first body (RGMbody-01), Ring Grown second body (RGMbody-02), Ring Grown third body (RGMbody-03), Ring Grown fourth body (RGMbody-04)

Ring Teenager (boy)

RTbody-2 RTbody-3 (sunshine)
Height (including head) 62cm 64cm
Head 22cm 22cm
Circumference of neck 10cm 10cm
Width of shoulders 13cm 13cm
Circumference of chest 23cm 23cm
Circumference of waist 20cm 20cm
Circumference of hips 24cm 24cm
Arm length 10cm 19cm
Leg length (from hip to foot) 23cm 34cm
Foot length 7.5cm 7.5cm

Photos: Ring Teenager second boy body (RTbody-2), Ring Teenager third boy body (RTbody-3/sunshine)

Ring Teenager (girl)

RTG60-1 RTG60-2 RTG60-3
Height (including head) 59cm 59cm 59.5cm
Head 22cm 22cm 22cm
Circumference of neck 8.5cm 8.5cm 10cm
Width of shoulders 11cm 11cm 11cm
Circumference of chest 22.5cm 24cm 25.5cm
Circumference of waist 16.5cm 16cm 16.5cm
Circumference of hips 24cm 24cm 24.5cm
Arm length 16cm 16.5cm 16.5cm
Leg length (from hip to foot) 32cm 33cm 33cm
Foot length 7cm 7cm 7cm

Photos: Ring Teenager girl first girl body (RTG60-1), Ring Teenager second girl body (RTG60-2), Ring Teenager third girl body (RTG60-3)

Ring Kid (boy)

RKbody-1 RKbody-3
Height 43.5cm (w/ head) 34.5cm (no head)
Head 17.5cm 16.5cm
Circumference of neck 7cm 8cm
Width of shoulders 9cm 8cmm
Circumference of chest 16.5cm 15cm
Circumference of waist 14cm 14cm
Circumference of hips 17.5cm 21cm
Arm length 13.5cm 12cm
Leg length (from hip to foot) 23cm 19cm
Foot length 5cm 5.5cm

Photos: Ring Kid first boy body (RKbody-1, Ring Kid second boy body (RKbody-3)

Ring Kid (girl)

RKbody-2 RKbody-4
Height 43cm (w/ head) 34.5cm (no head)
Head 17.5cm 16.5cm
Circumference of neck 6.5cm 8cm
Width of shoulders 8cm 8cmm
Circumference of chest 17cm 15cm
Circumference of waist 12.5cm 14cm
Circumference of hips 18cm 21cm
Arm length 13.5cm 12cm
Leg length (from hip to foot) 23cm 19cm
Foot length 5cm 5.5cm

Photos: Ring Kid first girl body (RKbody-2), Ring Kid second girl body (RKbody-4)

Ring Sweet

  • Height: 27cm
  • Head: 17.5cm
  • Neck: 7.4cm
  • Shoulder width: 8cm
  • Chest: 13cm
  • Waist: 13cm
  • Hips: 14.5cm
  • Leg length: 13cm
  • Foot length: 5cm

Photos: Ring Sweet body (RSbody-1)

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