Sleeping Dolls

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Some sculpts are also available in versions with closed or half-closed eyes. The names of these types of heads vary between companies.

The abbreviations and names below are sometimes used interchangeably by owners, despite that some are company-specific. "OE," meaning "open eyed" is sometimes used by owners and companies for the default version of a sculpt that is also available with closed eyes.


SA ("Slack Afternoon")
heads with closed or half-closed eyes from Dollshe
SwD ("Sweet Dreams")
heads with half-closed eyes from Volks
SS ("Shallow Sleep")
heads with half-closed eyes from LUTS
can refer to dolls with closed eyes or eyes that are only slightly open. This term is used with several companies without much consistently.
usually used for dolls with completely closed eyes. This terms is used generically by owners and companies and, like "dreaming" is not always used consistently.
usually refers to dolls with half-closed eyes from LatiDoll