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Soom is a Korean doll company which produces several lines of dolls ranging in size from tiny to extra-large. Soom is well known mostly due to their monthly dolls (MDs) that really took off in 2008. Their Monthly Dolls were a great influence in the rise of dolls with fantasy parts which have become largely popular. They also have produced many dolls in special resin colors.

They also produce silicone eyes and recently began releasing 'Biweekly clothes' - limited edition outfits that are only available during a two week period.

Doll lines

Other products

  • Silicone Eyes (size 12mm-20mm)
  • Wigs (4in, 6-6.5in, 7-8in, 9-10in)
  • Clothing (sized for Mini Gem/30cm (slim, like Barbie), Teenie Gem/26cm (Yo-SD), Little Gem/40cm (MSD), Gem/59-60cm (SD13), Super Gem/65cm, Mega Gem/70cm(EID,etc) )
  • Shoes
  • Fashion items
  • Doll care and crafting items

Company links

  • Soom Official website