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Soom has released dolls in various skin colors. Until sometime in 2010 their basic dolls were offered in both normal skin and cream white skin. Then Soom stopped offering basic dolls in cream white, reserving that skin only for limited releases.

Special Colors

These colors have only been offered with limited dolls as Monthly Dolls, Special Order or Free Choice Dolls. In most cases Soom also offered the doll in either cream white or normal skin, but there are a few exceptions, noted below.



  • Grey - Onyx, Euclase (in grey only until his rerelease)
  • Pearl Violet - Vesuvia (in violet only, until her rerelease)


  • Grey - Bygg, Galena
  • Brown Tan - Afi, Chalco NOTE that these tans, although named the same, did not match with each other!



  • Grey - Auber, Bazael
  • Bronze - Pel, Dune & Nor, Ario
  • Tawny - Phonolus
  • Rose Pink - Rose
  • Baby Pink - Lami (only released in this color)
  • Brick Red - Trachy (only released in this color)
  • Light Violet - Migma, Arkose
  • Pale Blue - Carbon NOTE that this is a much richer blue than Snow Blue
  • Magenta - Aenigma
  • Light green - Sov
  • Smokey grey - [[Soom Teenie Gem Smokey|Smokey's centaur body]; human parts are cream white








Resin comparisons

  • several special colors (normal, snow blue, magenta, cream white, rose pink, grey) [1]
  • Magenta vs Light Violet [2]
  • Magenta vs Rose pink [3]
  • Pale blue vs Snow blue [4]
  • Bronze vs Brown tan: Official Soom More true to life