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Volks released Tyltyl and Mytyl together as Super Dollfie Graffiti dolls, with Tyltyl as the male/brother (SDGr Boy) and Mytyl as the female/sister (SDGr Girl). Both were based on a fairytale called L'Oiseau bleu, and was made to be Chapter 9 of Volks Journey to Dream Nights series. Originally, L'Oiseau bleu was a play written by Maurice Maeterlinck, a French poet and playwright. One character in the story, the good fairy Berylune, didn't get a new Volks doll, but instead was portrayed in the official page by an older Yo Super Dollfie sculpt. This entry is for SDGrG Mytyl, you can read about SDGrB Tyltyl here.

2 other characters had been released during Dolls Party 41 in 2019:


  • Head design by ZOUKEI-MURA INC.
  • Outfit design by Saito Kaori.


Original release was at Dolls Party 35 (5 May 2016).

Included and optional parts


  • Eyes : HG Glass Eyes, Ash with White line, 18 mm (Volks Original color)
  • Make up : Zoukeimura Airbrush Make up, UV Coated
  • Wig : Original Style, M33 / 12 · rich brown, DD size
  • Body : SD Graffiti Girl Body, Pureskin Normal, UV Protection, Kips
  • Hands : SDGr-H-01
  • Outfit : Bonnet, small bird brooch, cape, bird necklace, classical dress, back ribbon, pannier, shorts, boots
  • Owner's Special Item Order Form

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