Can I change my username or create another account?

Members are only allowed to have one account. There are no exceptions. Community safety is built heavily on reputation and member feedback, therefore users who share an account or create multiple accounts will be banned.

If more than one account accesses Den of Angels from your IP, we recommend that you post in the Ask the Moderators to let us know that you are separate people.

For the same reason, we do not allow name changes. We suggest that you choose a username that is not time or trend based. It might be embarrassing to you two years down the road to have "JustinBieber4ever" as your username.

Specifically, we do not allow name changes based on disliking or outgrowing your username, wanting a consistent username across multiple sites, or changing your name legally in real life. If you want people to call you something else, we recommend updating the user title under your avatar to your preferred name.
Oct 11, 2015
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